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How to choose fabric for your quilt.

Hi  everyone,
Hope that you are having a brilliant day,
and that you had a really good night sleep last night..or did you ????

You know that horrible dream where it is dark and you are being chased by something, a ferocious dog or maybe a lion, or a serial killer wearing a disguise or worse still... this following nightmare.....

You’re in the middle of your sewing room and you are up to your neck with material .... “every where”.

You see that you have been pulling material from every draw, every cupboard, every hidden place that you have material stashed, even your scrap bin and you are feeling like Scrooge Mc Duck in the middle of his money vault.

You are up to your neck in fabric, barely being able to move.

The difference here though is that with Scrooge Mc Duck, he is having fun diving in and out of all his money, jumping, laughing and enjoying every minute of it.

As for you though, you’re in the middle of this nightmare that you are wishing you could just wake up from, but you can’t.

You are in such a dilemma; you’re feeling a cold sweat breaking out and a panic attack coming on....

What will you do?

You look around for an answer, but you just can’t see it

You know that you just have to find that “right” piece of fabric, but how will you find it. The beads of sweat are rolling down your forehead, you keep looking around feeling despair, hoping and wishing that it will just magically show itself....

You are feeling like you are drowning in all this material, and then all of a sudden you wake up, feeling so thankful that it was just a nightmare..Phew you think..

You start to breath once more again...your heart beat is starting to come back to normality.

Then all of a sudden you are in another cold sweat as you realise that you are actually in the middle of that nightmare, but you are awake this time....

You just have to find that right piece of fabric, you MUST.

Have you ever needed just the “right” piece of fabric, design, colour, shading etc to make your beautiful masterpiece that you are working on, look just right..

Of course you have, we all have, I have.... “everytime” I make a piece whether it be the size of an A4 piece of paper, a 3 mt square quilt, a class sample or a gift, I want to always make sure that my fabric is “right”..

Would you like to know a little more about how I find the “right” piece of fabric for what I need at the time, that saves me from feeling buried like Scrooge Mc Duck?

Although being in his money bin would be fun...think of the material I could then buy!

Would you like to know just one of my little “secrets” that allows me to find that “right” piece of fabric?

Of course you do!

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Have the most amazing day


Rose Lewis Quilting