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Christmas Cake

Good morning everyone, 

It is nice to be back with you all.
Hoping to be a lot more often once again, as many of you remember these postings used to come every week. It has been a very busy year with many brilliant ventures happening within my life.

Hoping that your day is going to be absolutely brilliant. 
It is very overcast here at the moment but I am positive that it is going to be an absolutely beautiful day.
I look out my window and I see many different shades of greens and purples from the garden outside this window, and there are many birds hopping in and out of a Banksia Rose.

I brought this below blog posting back to you all once again as I have had many requests for this over the last couple of weeks. It has proved to be very popular over the last few years with my many followers and it is so easy to make.
Some of you have already guessed it, it is my Christmas Cake recipe and a You Tube for how to line your tin.

I put all my fruit together a couple of days ago and will be cooking my cakes over the next few days. I just love the smell of Christmas cakes cooking.

My new book, 100 Inspirational Tips to Help You on "YOUR" Quilting Journey has proved to be incredibly well received. I am so very grateful to everyone that has already purchased this book.
This would make a fantastic Christmas present for a friend or family member or yourself.

The on-line e-book is not far away, hopefully just a few more days. I have had a few hic-cups with this one...I tend to think of it like a quilt..... when something goes wrong, I just know that I have learnt so much from it, so I just keep going, always seeing the end result in front of me...and then I know that I am that much closer to having it finished with an absolutely brilliant result.

When something seems to be a little hard, tough or frustrating, never give up, this is how we all grow within ourselves. 

So if you haven't already checked out the above book,
do check it out


Maybe you could read the book while your cake is cooking...????


875 gms Mixed fruit
125 gms Cherries
65 gms Glaced apricots
65 gms Glaced pineapple
6 Tbl sp Port (or orange juice)


250 gms Butter  (Do Not use Margarine)
1 ¼ cups Brown sugar
Grated rind of 1 Lemon
1 Tblsp Golden syrup
2 Tblsp Marmalade
5 Eggs
2 ½ cups Plain flour
1 teasp Mixed spice
1 teasp Cinnamon
125 gms Blanched Almonds (roughly chopped)
Extra almonds and Cherries for placing on top of cake.
1 Tbl sp extra Port


Place all the above fruit and port into a bowl and cover.
Leave this to sit and absorb the flavours of the port for a couple of days.

Beat butter and Brown sugar with lemon rind, until light and creamy.
Add the golden syrup and marmalade.
Add eggs, two at a time, adding two Tblsp of the flour with the last egg.
(This stops the mixture from separating).

Sift together the flour and spices.
Stir this into creamed mixture alternately with the fruit and nuts.

Spoon this mixture, into your greased; brown paper lined 20 cm square or round tin.
(I personally prefer a square tin. Easier for cutting.)

Arrange the extra Almonds and cherries on top, if you choose to.
Bake in a slow oven, 150 Celsius, for approx 4 hours or until cooked.

I do turn the oven down a little after approx 2 hours of cooking, to approx 140,
then after another hour I turn it down a little more till approx 130 degrees.
Test to make sure cake is cooked by using a skewer.

Remove from oven and immediately sprinkle the extra Port over the top of cake.
Then take out of tin but leave wrapped in its brown paper, and wrap in a clean tea towel till thoroughly cold.

To store cake, this is what I do.

I personally leave my cake in the brown paper, and just pull off where I am cutting from, as this will have a better keeping power.
I then wrap my cake well in foil, then lastly wrap in a tea towel or likewise.
By wrapping like this, your cake will stay fresh for a very long time.

For those who are unsure on how to line a tin for cooking a “Christmas cake” in, this is a simple method, but one that you do need to do.

Here is a link for the You Tube,
#How to Line a Christmas Tin
or you may prefer to just read the below instructions.

Melt some butter, and using a brush, brush the inside of tin.
Take some brown paper, work out how long you need it, for a 20cm square tin you would need approx 85 to 90 cms.
(I generally lay the tin on the paper and turn it 4 times and add a little for the overlap, simple).

You need to have this, the depth of your tin, plus approx 2.5 cms for the base fold and approx 5 cms above the top of you tin.
You need at least 2 layers but I always use 3 layers thick.

Lay you paper out on your bench, all layers tog.
Fold approx 2.5 cms along the bottom edge, then place cuts in this to the fold.
(This allows it to be able to sit flat in your tin).

If using a square tin, then place a fold where each corner will be.
Now BUTTER your paper, with the melted butter.
Place the buttered paper in your tin.

Cut out a piece of foil and 2 pieces of brown paper the size to fit in the base of tin.
Place the foil in first then the 2 pieces of brown paper on top, then BUTTER IT.

It’s not hard and your really don’t have to stress too much. 

You are now ready to place the mixture in your tin.
I very slightly hollow the centre a little, so your cake will cook flat, even though you are using plain flour.

I hope you find this cake to be very easy. I have never had a failure with this cake, and I have cooked many.



In several weeks time I do want to give you a “Christmas recipe” for some Truffles.

These are absolutely amazing.
I need to make them myself first, so I can tantalise your taste buds with the images of these.

Anyway, till next week
make sure whatever you choose to do
It’s amazing



Rose Lewis Quilting



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