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What I am planning to bring your way this year.

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for your understanding last week when I just decided to go away for a couple of days.
It was a very much needed break.

We left home at 6.00 am with a rough idea of where we would go but just thought that we would also let things just happen..Often the best things happen this way.

 We left home and headed for Dargo, now I appreciate that the majority of you will not know where any of these places are, but you will get an idea.....most of the places we went are 4 WD access..
Come across some farmers that were moving their cows, and these cows were very happy just slowly walking in front of our car.

Then up over the mountain and onto the plains and the views were magic, the hills and mountains were blue and the low cloud was rolling down these hills, and then we decided that we would drive to the top of Mt Hotham and have a look around here as neither of us had been up to the top of Mt Hotham before..

There are lots of Chalets up there for those that head there for the snow in winter.
Then down the other side of the mountain and into Harrietville.

And then into Bright at about midday and stayed for the night, which is a bit of a favourite place of ours.
I checked out the patchwork shop there, but didn’t actually buy anything.

Angela had a lovely range of fabrics though.
Next day we came the longer way home, via the bush once again, via Jamieson, the A1 settlement, Woods Point, Matlock, Noojee and some totally off road tracks that we decided to play around with, instead of the highways.

We left at 8.00 am to come home and arrived home at approx 7.00pm..
It was so nice sitting in the density of the bush with a cup of tea in hand accompanied with some Christmas cake,  river running, birds whistling, the smell of the Gum leaves, etc, peaceful....then a similar setting for lunch..

We did this on both days.
We love spending time in the bush.
Nature is an amazing way to focus on colour and textures, rocks, stones, barks, running water, skies, etc, etc that all help bring your quilts together..
As many of you know, I get enthusiastic when talking about things with texture, etc.

Anyway this week now sees Geoff back at work and myself picking back up here at this end..
I feel that I have now got through the majority of the hiccups that happened with the new website. Interestingly there is a lot more work when you are transferring into a new website, in comparison to just starting a site off from scratch.
If you come across anything or links that aren’t working correctly, then please do let me know so I am able to fix / correct the issue.

My small two hiccups that I still have are both related to my blog.
Firstly all those images that dropped out as soon as they were clicked on, on the launching day...
These had been nicely sitting on the new site for several weeks until the day I launched..Once they were clicked on, they just all dropped out.
This happened due to the way that my internet provider did the transfer of my web address from my Wordpress site to the platform that I am now using...
It was a mistake, he is just human like the rest of us, but when it first happened I was rather devastated as I had just lost over 2 ½ years work..
There was no magic wand to correct this, so I have removed those postings off my site for the time being.
Many of them had some brilliant content and information about different techniques that I use within my sewing journey.
From time to time I will possibly bring some of them back up again one by one, and re add the images from this end, particularly some of those ones that went for several postings on the one subject.

The other hiccup, is I am still sorting out my comments section on my Blog postings..
Because Christmas was in the middle of everything, it has just taken a little longer..
I apologise to those who left comments on the Christmas posting, as I was not able to answer them individually, you may have noticed that I went into the front of my site and answered you all in one general comment, the same way that you all left a comment..

I think this will be sorted properly tonight, and comments will once again be able to be left and me to answer them, but the ones on the Christmas posting will now not show....Different company that I am now using..Sorry.


Now what do I plan for this year....

By now, unless you are very new to my site, you would have seen and noticed many new changes all created by me, myself, hence the reason that I often worked 18 hour days for several months as I also had other outside commitments as well.

 You will have noticed of course that I have introduced products into my site other than digital, although I did already have these which, was very handy when classes were booked with me, or for more local people, and speaking events etc.
Then there are my fabric tools and of course the launching of my new quilting program.

Right at the moment I am in the middle of designing and making some new class pieces for teaching classes that I am booked for, and as the year goes forward, I will be creating quite a few more different class pieces.
I am also planning to design and create other digital and online courses and classes, but you will have to wait to find out what these will be.
I am also going to create many patterns, but you will have to wait to find out more about these...If I tell you everything now, then you have nothing to look forward to.
I was also writing a book last year, but with everything else happening it was put aside, so hopefully I will get back to that this year.

I also have other plans as well, but once again, you need to wait to see just what these will be.
You will need to be patient, as there is just me that will be doing all of this, and good programs, designs and workman ship takes time.
Just designing, creating, drawing, sewing, filming and making audios for my new quilting program and then sending the drawings away to the UK to my pattern drawer, to have them turned into proper patterns, then checking everything, then putting the whole program together and turning it into a digital “easy to use” program took many months of work.
The end’s a brilliant program.

So as you can see, to do the many things that I wish to do this year, will take time, but you will have so much to look forward to.
 As well as all the above, I of course teach many classes and these can be quite varied from teaching Guilds, groups of Friends that get together, even birthday surprise classes.
I have and do teach in many different places across Australia, and if you are overseas then I can teach there as will need to pay my plane fare though !!! 
I am also booked for speaking events and Guest artist..
I think that I may need to add in my diary some “Sleep time”......Lucky for me, I have always been a very fit and active person with fantastic organisation skills.
If you belong to a guild or are a group of friends that would like me to teach a class at your venue, or to be a “shop” at your next quilt in, then just pass my details onto your Guild.

I hope you all love the front of my website.
I took those images in our garden.
You would all have come to realise by now hopefully, that you will be able recognise your different e-mails by the image on the header.
Your fortnightly “Tips” e-mails have the original image from my old website on them, then when I am sending out a general e-mail like a blog notification, or some other news, then it will have the image the same as this website on it, for those in my “From Uncertainty to Confidence” quilting program, those e-mails have the image on them the same as the one that is showing that program on the front of my site.

As new programs develop, etc, they will also have their own individual image on the e-mails. This makes it really easy for everyone to know just where within my site the e-mail is related to.
Hope that all makes sense.

As this has got a little long, (but what’s new about that from me), I will leave this here for tonight.
Do keep an eye out for your next edition of “Fabrications Quilting for You” magazine, for another of my articles in it.

Hopefully my “comments” section on the blog postings will now be working okay.
So with that I will wish you Goodnight.

I will catch up with you all here again in another couple of weeks.
Have the most beautiful day / evening

Make sure that you take a little time out for yourselves each day.


Rose Lewis Quilting