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Valentines Day "Hearts" for Your Enjoyment

Hi Everyone,

Isn't February such a lovely time of the year with so many of the shops being decorated out in colours of Red for St Valentines Day.

We see the wonderful decadent chocolates, the flowers, the beautiful cards that express so much love, the sensuous underwear, the enticing restaurants that wish to lure us inside their doors with the promise of a romantic evening with the "someone" who is special to you in your life.
Everywhere we turn to, there are hearts happening, so of course it would only be natural to have hearts within and on our quilts.

The symbol or shape of Hearts can represent so many different things to so many different people, but we all connect with Hearts.

So I thought that for the next few days I would bring to you a couple of hearts as a Valentines day gift, that you are able to use within your beautiful masterpieces, whether it is something that you are making for yourself, a friend, a daughter, a son or even your beloved dog, you will be able to add either of these two hearts as an amazing quilting design..

You can enlarge either of them to make a magnificent center piece to your quilt, or place one into each of the corners within your work.

You may even decide to minimise them quite small to use as different sizes throughout your work.
You are only limited by your imagination.

Whatever you choose to do with either of these two hearts is your choice, but I just know that they are fantastic heart patterns to use within your quilting or Trapunto work.

You can use them either way...

It would be really lovely if your were to send me through a photo or two of just what you have used these hearts for as I always love to see how my designs are used.

Over the course of this year I am planing on having many more patterns within this area of my website, so when you are looking for just a single design then you will be able to find something within this "library" area of Quilting and Trapunto patterns to suit you on that page.

Anyway to check out these two really lovely Heart Designs and to receive a HUGE 75% off of these patterns, just click HERE.

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Just $1.99 ea Australian.

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Of course for those outside of Australia, just click your currency on the drop down, to see what this amount is in your currency.

So do make sure that you check out these Brilliant Hearts.

This sale is only going to go for a few short days. You can easily check out the timer on the page.

Have the most "BEAUTIFUL" St Valentines day, and I hope that someone brings something nice your way.


Will catch you all again very soon.


Rose Lewis Quilting