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Just touching base with you today.


Good morning everyone,
Hoping this is finding everyone today with a big happy smile on your face.
It has the making of an absolutely beautiful day here today, the birds are chirping, the sun is starting to rise and there is serenity in the air.
I feel like I am going to have the most perfect day.

I must wish those of you a “Happy Birthday” today for anyone who is a Feb 29th Birthday person.

I’m sorry that I have not been too good with my blog post writing since Christmas.
Many of you will remember the problems that I encountered with changing my site over and everything within my original blogs being lost.
Well the final part of my blog issues were only resolved the first week in Feb.
So hopefully now you will start to receive these regularly once again.

Today’s is just to let you know what I have been up to and doing over the last month.
I have been very busy, but then again there is nothing new here, as many of you know, I like to fit 30 hours into every 24 hours.

I have been designing some new class samples for some of the classes that I am teaching this year.
I made these samples specifically for these Guilds.
These aren’t quite up on my site as yet, but will be over the next two weeks.

I do have a new Trapunto class up, “Fantasy” and a new Applique class up, “Poppies”, which are both really nice pieces.

 You can see them here.
These will all be added to over the next few weeks.

I am wanting throughout this year to bring some other techniques that I do into the class rooms as well.

I have also starting adding Class packs on my website, so when a guild, a group of friends, etc, book a class with me, then students if they wish to can purchase one of three of the class packs directly off my site, which makes booking the class even easier, as they know that they will have the correct products.
I then take these packs with me to the class, so they don’t need to pay any postage for the products.
Of course they can purchase separately from off my site as well, or of course they may already have the requirements at home.

You may like to check these out as well

I have many classes, speaking events and demonstrations booked throughout the year, but please if you belong to a guild, or a group of friends, then let them know that I am more than happy to come to your Guild to teach, speak or demonstrate.
Just pass on my website and contact details to them.

I have also been very busy preserving as I do every year during this time.
I have been doing this every year since I first married in 1979..that’s a few years ago now.
So far this year I have made apricot, blackberry, raspberry and loganberry jam, I have bottled (persevered) apricots, plums, tomatoes and I am waiting for the cling Stones peaches to be ready which will be in just a week or two.
I have made tomato sauce yesterday and I am going to do plum sauce over the next few days as well.

We only picked the very first fig off our tree yesterday, and although the tree has many figs on it, I don’t think they will actually ripen much this year.

Those that have joined my quilting program, “From Uncertainty to Confidence, Learning to Quilt the Ultimate way” are all really progressing well, and I receive many positive e-mails from people telling me how much they are enjoying it.

The very first group of ladies that joined this program, within the first few days that I launched it, are already at the half way mark, Lesson 25, and there are many others that are heading towards the half way mark as well.

If you haven't already checked out the video

I haven’t had much of a chance to do any of my personal exhibition sewing over the last 6 months or so with so many things happening this end, so at this stage I don’t think I will be entering any shows this year..
I need to get back to the quilt that I am working on.

I will leave you all here today.
I just wanted to touch base with you all through my blog once again.

Ps..I have also got the comments page sorted out as well,
So do feel free to leave a comment at any time you choose.

Have the most magical day

ROSE rs.(3)

Rose Lewis Quilting