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A Simple Thing Added To “YOUR” Sewing Machine That Can Make A HUGE Difference to “YOUR” Sewing

A Simple Thing Added To “YOUR” Sewing Machine That Can Make A HUGE Difference to “YOUR” Sewing



Good morning everyone,

and I certainly hope that your day is progressing very nicely.

I know that it's winter in my part of the world, but wow, those frosts that we've had over the last couple of weeks have certainly told us that winter is here....minus 2 degrees Celsius is cold, although many parts of Australia experienced minus 7 degrees. This, in my thoughts, certainly makes good weather and a fabulous excuse for sitting in front of the fire doing lots of sewing.

 There are many shows happening at this time of the year right around Australia that'll give you lot’s of brilliant inspirations, enthusiasm, knowledge and new creative energies.

 We all LOVE going to shows, seeing new products, the amazing quilts that are hanging that have all been made filled with love, excitement, ideas and creativeness. Some will have ribbons on them, some will not, but that doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with these quilts, it’s just that sometimes the judges just don’t have enough ribbons to give to everyone.
That to me would be such a hard job and decision in deciding just which quilts to give the ribbons to, of course there are some big criteria’s that the judges need to abide to when doing their judging and award giving.

 Anyway today I’m going to ask you:

Do you struggle sewing on those borders, doing your quilting, etc from not having enough or the correct support for your quilt when sewing?

 I have a very easy answer for you on this question.

When I’m sewing my quilts, whether they are as small as a sheet of A4 paper, or as big as 3 mts square, or whether they are as light as a few sheets of A4 paper or as heavy as 7 kgs, I like to always work on a very solid and very flat area while sewing.
You need to have your work well supported, where you won’t get any sagging, and you need to have the flat area quite big.

When sewing small pieces it's fantastic to be able to have them flat while you're sewing, and not to have the edges drop over the edge of the machine. You can see your work so much better when it's sitting flat and straight while sewing.
Larger quilts need lots more support and once again, you need to be able to easily see what you’re sewing.

Having a really big and solid sewing machine extension table will alleviate many problems that people have while trying to sew or quilt either without a sewing machine extension table or one that is very small and is often quite flimsy within itself.

I myself, have the most brilliant wooden sewing machine extension table that's very solid, but very light, it's absolutely huge being 59.5 cms X 89 cms, easily slides on and off the machine and is also very simple to carry if you need to take it with you anywhere.

Without this sewing machine extension table that I myself personally have,
that my husband made for me approx 10 years ago now, I would definitely find it harder to work with my quilts, both in the creating, the piecing, the sashings, the quilting, adding the binding & hanging sleeve, the huge amount of appliqué & trapunto that I do, and anything else that many of you do as well.

Today I would like to share more information about this sewing machine extension table with you all, so that hopefully many of you can also enjoy one of these for your personal machine. Yes, this sewing machine extension table can also fit “YOUR” personal sewing machine.

So here is a “new” 3 minute video for you to check out,
you also get to see me and to hear my voice for a change and soak in some of my quilting enthusiasm as well. When you've also fallen in love with the idea of you, yourself, having one of these brilliant tables, you can easily and quickly purchase the book & pattern in either an instant downloadable PDF book & pattern, or for those in Australia, you can purchase the paperback book.

It's very simple to make, simpler than you could imagine,
and I've added in many images and precise clear instructions.

So do enjoy this short 3 min video.

The first step to achieving something,
is knowing that you want it,
and I just know that you want one of these.

Have the most brilliant day
and I'll be back again real soon
with something else to help you grow
within "your" personal sewing & quilting journey.