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Do you, yourself, ever have Quilter's Block?


Good morning everyone,
and what a beautiful day it is going to be here.

When out for my morning walk it was like walking in the middle of a concert.
The sounds, the noises, the atmosphere, etc was absolutely magical as the day started to break and the birds were there letting everyone know that they were incredibly happy.

It was very fresh though and needed a light coat.

 I now sit here and glance out of my office window, and see the sunlight glistening through the branches of the huge gum tree that grows next door to us, and my beautiful Crepuscule Rose’s along the fence, the tips of the Olive trees being hit with filtered sunlight, the edge of the Mandarin tree and our wonderful ornamental grape vine that is growing up wires under our pergola area, all the while with little Wrens, etc hopping in and out of the vines on our fence....just magical. 

Someone else’s eyes may see it all very different to how I see it all.

Of course if I stand up, then I see so much more, but that’s for another days writing.

I feel very abundant being surrounded by such beauty.
But on saying that, I created it all, creation is brilliant, whether it is a garden, cooking, babies..hmmmm and of course those brilliant quilts that you all happily create and make..

We are all creators, and this in turn gives us huge enthusiasm, excitement and most definitely something to spend our money on.

Do you ever get Writer’s block or in this case I should be asking,
Do you ever get Quilter’s block?

Yes, it will happen to us all at some stage.

I must admit that it doesn’t happen to me often, I can normally just sit and start writing and words just flow out of my fingers. My husband will definitely say that I never have a “talking” block, but I did have a huge quilter’s block a while ago and I have only just broken that block.

I started a quilt that is to be an exhibition quilt, some time ago, (actually it is really something special for my husband, that of course will obviously do the exhibition circuit as well).

I had done my usual thing when purchasing fabric for a new quilt and went out one day to my favoured quilting shop that was approx 1 ½ hours from me, and after quite a bit of time, I had approx 90% of all the fabrics that I would need to create this new quilt.

I hadn’t got very far with this quilt when I run into an area where I just didn’t have the correct fabric.

I searched a few shops, and the AQC in Melbourne last year and I just could not find that piece of fabric.

I only needed it for approx a 6 inch area, but strangely not being able to find that small piece of fabric brought that whole quilt to a total standstill for almost 10 months.

I live in an area where if I want fabric, I normally need to drive a reasonable distance to find fabric shops, although we do have a local shop, but I searched this shop several times high and low.

As many of you know, I had taken on something else earlier this year as well, so my life was also much busier than it normally is, and then there was the new book to be written.

Normally if I couldn’t find a particular piece of fabric, I would just move onto another area of the quilt, until one day I found it.

For some really strange reason though, with this particular quilt, I found that I was unusually unable to move into another area without first doing the piece that I wanted this fabric for.
This for some strange reason, become a huge mental block to me.

So the year moved on, I was very busy with everything I was doing, including teaching classes, and doing speaking events, etc, etc and making all those bibs that I wrote about several weeks ago, and although this quilt was always in the back of my mind, I could not get past the block that I had about it.

It stayed tucked away, in a draw.

Now many of you already know that other than creating class pieces, etc, I only work on one quilt at a time. So there was not too much personal sewing happening within my house this last year.

Now something very strange happened to me approx 10 days ago.

I went into our local fabric store, not to be purchasing anything at all, but needing to speak to the owner about something else.

She was busy with someone else, so of course I walked over to the fabric area, as we all know how our feet go on automatic drive once we are near fabric.

What happened next was like turning a key in a locked door and opening it up.

As I walked past the rows of fabric, not even really looking, all of a sudden there was a bolt of fabric, that was sitting out at an angle from all the other fabrics, so much so that I needed to either walk around it, or just be a nice person and push it back into place on the shelf.

Well I decided that I would be that nice person and push this fabric back into the shelf properly.

I looked in total amazement at this material as it leaped straight into my hand, as here was the absolutely perfect fabric that I had needed to move on with my quilt.

I needed a fabric where I needed two particular coloured fabrics, butting against each other in a straight line.


It is the old saying, when you stop looking (as I had many months ago) it will find you.

Now I brought this fabric home and straight into the laundry to wash this in my usual way of how I wash all my new fabric.

You will find out more about how I do this in Tip number 40 of my new book.

Stranger though, was that now I had this fabric ready and waiting to use, I suddenly pulled out this quilt, and totally started working on another section of it.

My block had been unlocked Totally.

Now I had not actually procrastinated with this block, as is what most people do when they create a block, I am very good a recognising blocks like that and the only way through that type of block is to “take action” of some sort.

This was a different type of block.

What jumped out to me more than anything else, was how quickly I was then able to move into a different area of the quilt first, not because I am still blocked on the original area, but because that area is a very fiddly area, and needs to be “really worked” as this image here will show, there are already just on 110 pieces in this very small area..Yes they are all individual pieces that you can see.

The area that I am now working on, may still seem very fiddly to most of you, but in comparison to the original area, it is a breeze.

It is such a nice feeling to now be moving forward once again.

So if you ever get a block about something within your quilts, look for the signs that you are procrastinating about something, and then decide to take action, any action will normally clear the block.

If you are not procrastinating about it, then it is a very different type of block, just like the one that I had, and when the right answer comes, the block will totally clear for you..Just always look for the signs.

I know with certainty that if I had not been so busy with extra commitments this year, had I started on another area, the block still would have cleared quite quick.

Learning how to clear blocks, is a very valuable tool to learn, as it can get you out of many sticky situations.

So next time you are not sure, just take action.

Even a mistake is better than no action, as you can then move forward.

Please Note..
If you are wishing to purchase my paperback book for a Christmas gift, or for yourself to just sit back, settle in and read for a while, you will still have time for it to be delivered to you by Christmas, if you order it from my site, (Australian deliveries only).

If you are overseas from me or wishing to purchase it on online sites like
The Book Depository, then it will depend on their postal service.


I will once again leave you all here today

I am going to make a quick cuppa, and enjoy it with
a piece of apple slice that I cooked yesterday,
sitting out in my garden,

before I move into my next things for the day.

Maybe we could all share one together.

Have a magical day

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