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Fabrics That Work Well for Blending

Fabrics That Work Well for Blending

Good morning everyone, 
and a brilliant one it is at that, for no other reason than the day just has a fantastic feeling about it. 
The view out my window in my office here, is just beautiful, the shadings of light and daybreak, the peacefulness and the sound of the birds just starting their day.
Ahhh... such a perfect time of the day, always one of my favorites.

You'll find that I often talk about colour quite a bit,
as this always seems to be one area where many people have problems and learning how colour works together. I tend to find that if you get small snippets of information at a time, then you'll often remember it,as your brain is not so overwhelmed.
Today’s “Inspirational Tip” hopefully will help you within your
personal sewing journey.


 Fabrics that work well for colour blending: 
When I'm choosing my fabrics for a new quilt, most of the time I'll choose all my fabrics at the same time, even though I do not work from patterns. Many of you already know that I just get a “picture in my head” and from there I start, normally never needing to draw it up.

So into a favoured store I go, and I start to work with my main fabrics. 
Once I have these somewhat decided on, then I need to bring in many blending fabrics. 

So let’s say that I'm making yellow roses. I would start off with a yellow fabric, then I need to bring in several shadings of that colour. I'll possibly blend these out to a light lemon and then to a light pink or an orange fabric, for the outside petals and tip of the flower. As the outer petals are often a different colour shading depending on the Rose itself. I'll then blend from the middle shading out to some darker shadings of that colour as well.






Many times I may use approx 10 "shading fabrics" of the one colour.

Then again as the flower gets a little older the outer petals will go much lighter.

By having all these different shadings of the one colour,helps to create a much more natural look to your work, and it is often very “subtle” through the gentle changes of shades or colour. These are normally all blended heavily amongst any "patterned" fabrics that I may be using.


I always find that the best “blending” fabrics are.....
Shadowplays, as they come in many shades of the one colour, they are slightly mottled and they just blend well with other fabrics.  I also find Hoffman “mottled” style of fabrics to be really fantastic for blending as well, and you'll find that within my “small stash” or “palette” as I prefer to call it, mainly this style of blending fabrics.

Many hand dyed fabrics will also work very well for blending, but please do be careful of these as they sometimes can very easily have dye runs happen, no matter how much you treat them before use. They're beautiful to work with though and their colours are often just what you need for a particular area.

You may like to check out this blog posting I wrote about removing dye runs from your work.

Anyway, I can feel that my fingers are wanting to take off here, as there's so much that I could write about colour and tonal values, etc, so before I grow this posting into a novel, I'll leave you all here today to ponder over your fabric stash and blending fabrics.
Check out my personal favoured style of blending fabrics below.

I will be back again real soon though,
In the meantime

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Have an absolutely beautiful day.

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     Left ... Hoffman style      Centre ... Hand dyed     Right ... Shadow Play