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Frixion Pens, Purple Frixion Pens!

Frixion Pens, Purple Frixion Pens!

Frixion Pens.

Do you use Frixion pens for marking your Quilts and Fabrics?
Purple Frixion Pens.

Now here’s a story that I feel I must share with you all, and I feel positive
that you’ll all chuckle of what I did a couple of days ago.....

Yes we all make mistakes or have things go a little... let’s say “haywire”.
It’s always the quickest way to learn or remember not to do that “thing” again.

We all have our favoured tools and notions that we use, and then we
have some that we personally don’t use quite so much, but many other people may love that particular tool or product.

Anyway for me “Frixion” pens are one of those things that I don’t use very often although most people absolutely “love” them.

I’m often asked about these pens being used for marking fabrics, and I always answer very similar to this.....

“Be careful when using these pens as although they are brilliant in the fact
that they come in many colours, which is fantastic for marking different coloured fabrics where the blue marking pens may not show up, they’re easily assessable for most people and price friendly, and so so easy to remove from your fabric, masterpiece etc, by just needing to wave a warm iron over the marks on your piece and they magically disappear”.

But I also add that as they’ve only been around a few years now and are
not actually designed for fabric to always be careful of what fabric you use them on, and do a test on a scrap first.

“Also as many of my pieces can take up to a couple of years to make I
don’t feel comfortable having these on my fabric for that long in case they actually “set” into the fabric”.

So with all that being said, I do use these pens, but not too often.

Now a few days ago, I wanted to mark some fabric with a design, and my normal blue wash away markers were not going to suffice my needs for this project, so out came a purple Frixion pen.

I marked my design, but due to the nature of the fabric I had to go over the lines a couple of times to be able to see it clearly, which I now could.....
Purple on a cream slightly open weave fabric.

I said to my husband at the time, that I don’t always feel comfortable using these pens just in case they don’t iron out.

Also this was a piece that I was making for someone....

So with my lines nice and dark and easy to see, I set in and created this piece. After many hours the piece was now ready to iron and remove all those nice deep purple lines.

So I ironed the piece nice and flat, getting it ready to layer and quilt, when I turned it over to the right side facing up.

You guessed it...
The nice deep, dark, somewhat thick purple lines are still showing, not even faded one little bit.

So I tried ironing it once again and nothing, except the lines looking back up at me, in all their smirkiness glory...
(Is smirkiness even a word? ...well it is now as I’ve just typed it).

I said to my husband, “Hmmm maybe I shouldn’t have used this pen”!

So what was I now going to do?
After a little contemplating this, and mulling it over for a very short time, as I needed to have this completed within a very short time for the person it was going to, I needed to come up with a good answer to this issue.

As the colour of this piece was autumn, rusts, subdued purples and gold,
I decided that I’d stitched around the outer edges with a size 28 deep muted burgundy – purple Aurifil thread and I stitched around the outline areas over the purple markings 3 times, so the stitching is quite dense but it actually really suited the piece.

I wouldn’t have stitched it this way if I hadn’t had the issue of the lines showing, so I actually ended up with a much better result than I was expecting, so this was a real positive.
The lines were no longer visible, and after I’d totally finished the piece I washed it, as I needed to remove some wash away stabilisers from within the piece.
There was no bleeding of the purple lines at all, so now I was feeling really pleased and happy with the result to an unexpected issue.

But the story doesn’t finish here.

So the piece was washed, blocked and dried ready to be delivered to the person who it was created for within the timely manner that it was needed to be delivered to.

That all done, I decided that I needed to clean up my work-space,
ready to start on a new project within the next few days.

Gathering up scissors, threads, marking pens etc and placing them in their particular homes ready to be able to just quickly grab next time they would be needed, when I noticed within my marking pens container a “Purple Frixion Pen”.

Now knowing that I only had one purple Frixion pen, I had that instant slight confusion, as I knew that it wasn’t in my hand a moment ago.

So here was this Frixion pen, sitting where it had been all the time, in this container.

So out to the place where I’d been using the “purple” marking pen,
only to discover that I hadn’t used a Frixon pen at all, but actually a purple “Biro”, hmmm....

Now I knew why these nice deep dark purple lines hadn’t disappeared
with the heat of the iron. In fact I guess I’d really “set” the colour into the fabric well and truly.
Luckily, the purple ink didn’t bleed when I had washed this piece.

The funny thing is that both of these pens were so close in appearance,
I can now understand why I had mixed them up, the only real distinguishable difference was that the Biro had a click button on the end of the Biro, where the Frixion pen has the pull off lids.

I cannot show you this piece as I didn’t actually take an image of it before I sent it off. I’m going to make another one for this person and give her the one without the Biro markings just in case at a later date the pen ink shows its face somehow.

Sometimes we have so many needed tools, notions and items around us when we’re working on a project, that an accident like this can happen, although I must say, this one was a first.

Will I learn from this?
Yes, I’ll always check my marking pens.

Will I use Frixion pens from time to time again..
Yes, as the pen wasn't at fault at all within this story.

I hope this has brought a smile to your face and hopefully a chuckle or two as well.

So with all this said,
I think that I’ll go and make a cuppa, find a piece of slice,
before I start into the rest of my day.

Maybe you'd like to join me...there's plenty here, just waiting for your arrival.

Sorry but this isn't really sitting in  my kitchen, 
but it would be nice to share it with you all.

Now let me go get that slice and cuppa!

So I’ll be back again real soon with something else for you all,
in the mean time, try and find some time for yourself and your sewing.

Remember to leave a comment below as well.

Have the most Beautiful & Inspiring day