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How long should it take to create a patchwork quilt?

How long should it take to create a patchwork quilt?

Up until not long ago, I was quite often hearing whenever I was at a
quilting guild, a quilt show or teaching quilting classes, etc that many people can’t wait to get the quilt that they’ve just started, finished so they can move onto the next one.

I also hear many times that when some view my work, they say it’s amazing
but they wouldn’t have the patience or time to do something like that.

Theres many books and classes these days on how to do something so
much quicker and faster, as we all know, and of course there’s all those new patterns and fabrics to tantalise us all. We’re all a child at heart when it comes to our quilting purchases.

Then I hear people say that they don’t do their own quilting and such and
such a person charges “X” amount of dollars for their amazing quilting, but they think that they’ll go with the person around the corner who’s quilting isn’t so good but she’s so much cheaper, and I guess she’ll be okay.

I find myself telling people to “slow down” and really enjoy the journey of
making your quilt. You’ve spent a lot of money on your quilt fabric and possibly pattern and your sewing threads, etc.

If you made a quarter of the amount of quilts than you do now, slowed down
and did more involved techniques, you’ll find your quilts to be so much more rewarding. If you don’t quilt yourself, then you can also now afford to pay for the quilter that does much more involved quilting than the cheaper person around the corner, as you’re spending less money on fabric etc.

Quilting is a big factor in the end result of your quilt, and to me many
people skimp on this area. The quilting is what really brings your quilts to life, just like icing and decorations on a cake.

Some of my quilts have taken me over two or three years to make and I
only work on ONE quilt at a time...Of course I do also have life out there, just as the rest of you do, but I prefer to do techniques that give amazing results and these are not “have your quilt top finished in a day” type of techniques.

In my life I like to do everything really fast, it’s just who I am, but when it
comes to making quilts and anything within the art area, I stop and slow down, and I find I get into the correct head space. In fact it’s more than the correct head-space, it’s a very different type of space, it’s a space where I’m totally connected to being creative... a place of “just knowing”.

Until you’ve been in that place, you possibly won’t understand what I mean by that, but maybe this’ll help you understand that a little more.

This very old quote says what I’m trying to say.....

All true artists, whether they know it or not,
create from a place of no mind, but from inner stillness.

When you slow down and really connect with your quilt, the above will
make sense to you. If the techniques that I use, take me three times as long to make, then so be it. My end results are worth it, plus I haven’t spent anywhere near as much on fabrics, etc.

For a while now, I’ve started hearing some people now saying, that they
would like to now know how to do some of the slower techniques, which will allow them to journey through their quilt making a little more. These people are becoming “thirsty” for learning more structured styles of techniques.

It’s all a journey and every quilt, no matter if we are a novice or a
professional will always have many learning curves within them. This is how we grow within ourselves, and our creative skills and talents, plus it’s a really nice place to be.... lost in your own creativeness.

So maybe, slow down a little and enjoy the journey more.
That is your decision of course.

As for time, it’s a bit of a shock to some people to realise that we all
have the same amount of time, regardless of who we are .... We all have 24 hours, 7 days a week, year in year out.

The difference of course is how we decide to use that time.

Anyway, this isn’t being judgmental to anyone, this was just a little
something for you to ponder on for your personal answer to this. We are all different and so are our quilts, as they and us should be.

I'll be back with something else for you all again next week

Have the most beautiful & creative day


Be Creative, Be Inspired.

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