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How to Easily Choose Your Quilting Fabrics

How to Easily Choose Your Quilting Fabrics

Do you struggle when you’re trying to work out what colour fabrics to use
within your quilts?

Do you want to make a patchwork quilt for someone special in your life and
their personal colours are not colours that you’re used of working with?

Do you know what colour fabrics you want to use for the main part of your
new quilt, but don’t know what secondary colours to use to marry your fabrics and quilt together?

Have you found the most beautiful and inspiring quilting fabric that you’ve
just fallen totally in love with and as it’s something very different than you’d normally work with, your very unsure of just what colours you’d like to marry with it, for the optimum results that you’d love to achieve, and although the lovely shop assistant has many ideas for you, you’re still not too sure that their suggestion is right for what you want to use, with this beautiful fabric and the quilting pattern that you’ve chosen.

I have a very easy and simple answer to your dilemma or predicament.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it doesn’t cost you a cent and most of all its lots of fun.

I use this many times myself whether it’s for new quilting fabrics, quilting
threads, paints or even for the graphic work that I do within my
Rose Lewis Quilting business and on-line classes etc.

So what is this magical tool I hear you asking?

Before I bring this to you, I also want to explain that I use two different things to bring it all together. The first part, which is the real fun part, will give me the main colours that I want to use and the second part will show me different shadings of those particular colours that I’ve now chosen.
A quilt always needs several shadings of the one colour to help marry it all together, with all of your other colours and designs within your patchwork quilts.

Lets jump right in here...

Please note, I’m in no way affiliated to these two FREE websites, they're just things that I really love to use for helping to work my colours.

The first one is a link to Design Seeds. 
Before I give you the link to this, be aware that you’ll become so inspired and fulfilled by all the decadent images and colours that you may find several hours just magically seem to disappear. Don’t say that I didn’t warn you!

What I normally do, is just go through many images, trying to find the main
colour that I’m wanting to use, and once I’ve found that colour, then I’ll be able to see the other colours that may bring it to life and show it’s absolute brilliance, or marry odd colours together, for example, red to pink.

Maybe you have a colour that you want to subdue (tone it down) somewhat,
so yes you can still use this but just find your colour where it’s only been used a little within the design, and then you’ll know what other colours to bring into your mix to achieve that real Wow factor that you’re looking for.

I know that that all sounds very confusing, but it’ll make sense in a few minutes. I want to explain this a little more before you click on a link, because you’ll become so inspired by this, that you’ll forget to come back to finish reading this, so please do keep reading just for another couple of minutes.

Once I’ve decided on the colours I’d like, then I’ll take some of the “colour numbers”  (Hex codes or RGB codes) which you’ll see on each image, and then I’ll go into the second link below, 0 to 255 and then I’ll add in the code of the colour and it’ll show me many many shades of the one colour.... Magic.

 Let me show you with a couple of images here.


These four images are all from Design Seeds Pinterest site.


You'll normally find that if you click on the images then they bring up the 
colour codes to match. I do often find that the site does show differently some days on how it'll bring up the colour codes, but do have a play there.

You can pull out a couple of your quilting fabrics from within your
amazing stash and see just what you can come up with.

When it comes time to marry those fabrics together, if you don’t have them
within your stash, then print these colours off and take the image with you, but be aware that your printer may not print it to the colour that you see it on the screen so you can save these to your favorites and then check them from your phone within the quilting fabric store.

The numbers that you see with each colour are the “name” of those
colours, meaning a colour with the number #e6245e will always be that particular brilliant pink and a colour with the number #ff0500 will always be bright orange. Just like a street name has it's own identity.

Looking at the orange and if you quilting fabric is roughly the shading of ff2f00 then this'll give you better ideas for bringing in your shading oranges.

These images are both from


That’s about all I can tell you about this,
the rest is up to you! are those two/three links.....
Go and play,
Go and have some fun!

Design Seeds Pinterest     You'll find this easier to play around in rather than the actual website below.

DesignSeeds     You'll need to click around here a bit and may initially find it confusing, but it's brilliant.


Be inspired, Be creative
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