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How to Easily clear the "Clutter" in "YOUR" Sewing Room

How to Easily clear the "Clutter" in "YOUR" Sewing Room


Hi everyone,
Once again I surely hope that your day is going brilliantly well.

I would sincerely like to say a really BIG “Welcome” to all the new people that have signed up with myself and all of us here, since my last blog posting.

I am very grateful and appreciative to all of those who forwarded the e-mail or link to the page to all their friends, guilds and families...So “Thank you” to you all.

I spent Saturday once again preserving fruit, this time plums and hopefully next week I will be doing cling stone peaches. It is nice seeing my preserve cupboards filling back up again. I still also have sauces and jams to do yet as well. I feel a little like a squirrel in all those children's fairy books. Well not really, as I have been doing this type of thing for approx the last 35 years or so. Our figs are also just starting to ripen.

Speaking of cupboards, brings us to today’s topic.

Is your sewing room / area clean and tidy or is it cluttered?

Do you have draws and cupboards overflowing with fabric, rulers scattered around, needles just thrown on a shelf somewhere, and scissors from one end of your room to the other end of the house?

Yes, so many of us, actually have the whole house as the sewing room/area.

Is there fabric hanging from your light shades, tape measures hanging off the curtain tracks, bottles of glue in every imaginable corner, do you need to hire a front end loader to clear a walk way into your sewing room before you even enter it?

Now be honest here with yourself.... “I promise that I won’t tell anyone if you are a “clutter holic”. We can keep it our secret.

For some reason so many quilters love to tell you just how messy and cluttered their sewing room/area is, as if it makes them a better quilter. Now I do not mean to offend anyone here at all, but when your area is normally clutter free and items have a “home” then you will certainly feel better, and things will flow better, particularly your sewing and quilting.

I am not talking about having a mess while you are working, cutting out, drawing up your design, etc, etc. What I am talking about is those that cannot walk into their sewing room/area and put their hand on the object that they are wanting.

When I am busy on something, yes I can get in a mess just like anyone else, but at the end, it is easy for me to be able to put items back into their respective homes. There is a huge difference between a mess while you are working on a project in comparison to clutter.

Are you aware of just how confronting and energy sapping it is to work around clutter?

Most people are not. Clutter of any description can really slow down your production, creativeness, enthusiasm, etc and I don’t just mean physically but mentally as well.

Yes my room can get messy, but everything has a home, so it does not take me long to either pull things out or to pack things away as there is an area for marking pens, fabric that I am working with at the time, threads, scissors, tape measures, needles and pins, etc etc. This allows me to be able to flow through things, as I can always place my hand on the required item, well most times anyway.

 As many of you know, I do not have huge stocks of fabrics in all my cupboards etc, I have what I like to call a palette of fabric, and many of these are the size of a fat quarter. These are all kept in a chest of draws, and most times they are folded neatly and in colour order. I admit that right at the moment I need to pull these draws out and spend approx an hour refolding these and putting them back neatly, back into a colour order.

Over the last couple of months I have been in and out of these fabrics many times, and often like so many of us, in a hurry, so grab what I need and then not put the fabric back in folded again. I am finding that now when I am looking for something in particular, I cannot find it quickly as it has become messy, creating clutter. This is just two draws, but it can really slow me down.

There are many hours lost when you have to stop all the time to search for something....wish it was this easy to find my glasses as I have a habit of taking these on and off all the time, as I only need them for certain things, so then I have to go look for them.

How do you store “YOUR” fabric?

Is it just thrown into cupboards, shelves, boxes, under the spare bed, in the garage or in many different places, or do you have some sort of order to it.

Do you keep every little tiny piece of scrap fabric that you are too afraid of throwing out?

These things create lots of clutter.

Sometimes people just don’t know where or how to start to organise their sewing areas as they look at it, and think it is just too hard.

Well I can tell you, that if you were to get rid of all the unwanted clutter your sewing will improve more than you may realise. You will also become more productive.
People often say to me “They don’t know where to start”.

I always tell them to just start with a small draw first, then when that one is done, a few days later or the following week, do another draw, and so on. Quite often once you have done one or two draws, then you start becoming motivated and really enthused about this clutter clearing and you actually start ploughing through it.

Clearing clutter of any description seems to really energise people and it is like a fresh start.  Many people will find it to be quite liberating once they start and then once they are finished the whole room, etc they feel quite empowered.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not suggesting that you throw out all the items that you want, but by starting the process you may be surprised at even the amount of scribbled notes and papers with measurements you may have “dotted” down for the quilt that you finished two years earlier, etc that have collected within your area. Paper clutter seems to just grow in all sorts of nooks and crannies.

Maybe just getting a few containers and boxes of all sorts of sizes and shapes will help make a difference. These do not have to be expensive, old ice-cream containers will certainly do the job.

Of course there are many people out there who are already organised within their sewing room and areas.

For those of you who are more interested in “clearing your clutter”
Karen Kingston has some really good articles and books on the effects of “clutter”. Please note, I am not affiliated with Karen, just enjoy her books and articles.

Once you have finished reading this today, can I suggest that you walk into your sewing room/area with fresh eyes and “really” see just what IS in your sewing area.

Just think of it this way, you may even end up with some empty shelves that you may just have to fill back up with something new ????  Not clutter though.

Do enjoy as you may be surprised at just what “treasures” you find on your clutter clearing journey.

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Hope you enjoyed this today.
I will be back in approx another 7 to 10 days
with something else for your enjoyment.

In the meantime,
Make sure that you find some time just for you,
Yes You, yourself ,as you are very important.