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How to Pixilate Your Fabrics to match the True Colour of Your Fabrics for within your quilt.

How to Pixilate Your Fabrics to match the True Colour of Your Fabrics for within your quilt.

How to Pixilate Your Fabrics to match the True Colour of
Your Fabrics for within your quilt.

Have you just purchased a new pattern or design for a new quilt?

Do you have an image of something like a flower that you’d like to add into a quilt?

Are you a little unsure if you’ve chosen the right coloured fabrics for
what you’re working on to achieve the same effect of colour as within your
image, pattern or book?

Never fear, I have a brilliant and simple solution to make this really easy
for you to be able to easily find the same colour fabrics that match your image
or photo that you’re wishing to use within your quilt.
Before you rush out the door to purchase your new lot of fabrics for
the new quilt that you’re very excited about starting, take a little time and load
the photo or image into your computer, or for the purpose of trying this out, just choose any image that you already have saved into your computer.  
Faces & trees are often very interesting to try this out on, but then again, so are flowers...

When I’m making something real life, like my Through the Garden Gate
quilt below, I tend to take many, many photos, as these can become my templates, and by doing the below exercise was how I was able to easily choose the shadings of fabrics that I did.

Now it doesn’t matter if it’s like the many images of flowers that I used
within the above quilt, or it’s an image of your beloved cat, dog, elephant,
your husband’s beloved car or even his old worn out boots that he won’t part
with, once you have the image on your screen, click the mouse on the area
that you’re wanting to look at, and just click the -- & + button at the bottom
of your screen for easier enlarging. Just keep enlarging until it’s as far as it’ll go.Then click on the screen to move the image around to see other areas
of the image.

You may be totally amazed at just what colours, shades and tonings that
you’ll see.

Also be aware that it’ll also show the places that have “light” on the images as you’ll see this as quite a bit brighter or even more like a white light. This’ll help you to achieve better results when it comes to highlighting your

You may think......I’m not going to put those colours into my quilt as it
won’t look right, but by adding all the shadings that you see, it’ll certainly
help you within the choosing of not only your colours, but the shades of
those colours as well.
You’ll possibly be more tempted to use mottled fabrics or to really see
just where you’re able to fussy cut the fabric..... more about this below.

By pixilating images, it’ll also help you to choose different cottons and
threads for highlighting your sewing.

Take an image of a branch or tree trunk and you may be totally surprised
by the colours within these. So go and have a play around on your
computer and you’ll really see that colour...

It’s also fantastic for if your painting an image as well, to really be able to
see all those colours that blend together to make the colour & shadings
that our eyes see. It’ll help to take the “flatness” out of your design, as also
adding some white into your quilts as well will. You may like to also check
out this other blog posting about adding white into your quilts, just like
Monet did with all his painting’s.

Another thing that can really help you to create the desired effect & 
colour when working fabrics within your quilts, is this below technique that
helps you to be able to fussy cut areas with fantastic results, that I always use
when creating my quilts, especially my exhibition quilts.

I just “Love” talking about colour as it’s so diverse and there’s so much
to learn about colour, that if I can help you to be able to understand it more,
or to achieve better result within your quilts, then that’s good.

With this all said or written I’ll leave you all here today & I’ll be back again
real soon, with something else to help your grow within your very own personal “creative Journey & masterpieces”.

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