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How to Wash N Block a Patchwork Quilt Part 2

How to Wash N Block a Patchwork Quilt Part 2

How to Wash n Block Your Patchwork Quilt Part 2

Hopefully you read last blog post where I mentioned about the basic equipment needed for washing n blocking a quilt with the main thing being the foil board. All the needed supplies are fairly basic & simple and I mentioned that I'd give you some insight this week as to what the masking and packaging tape are used for during the blocking process as well. Of course within this free on-line course there'll be lots more in depth information about all this.

To make sure that your quilt finishes up perfectly square, then we first need to make a square or rectangle on the foil board. The quilt that you're piecing will determine the needed shape, so for the explanation of this lets just say it's a square.

For this process I use masking tape, and there's a few things that you really need to be aware of when creating this square for alignment of your quilt, which I'll show you within the course itself. Of course you're all aware of the value to using squares within your quilting and patchwork journey and this is no different. A good "square", square will help to give you a very precise finish to your amazing quilt that you've lovingly created. Basically we're going to replicate the exact finished size of your quilt and when doing this we need to take into consideration things like the width of your masking tape, are we going to be using the inside or the outside measurements, etc.

Now it's a very simple process, so don't stress about this at all, as within the free on-line course I'll definitely take you through this process step by step. For those that've already done some of my on-line courses, you'll already know that I like to be very thorough in my descriptions, instructions, etc to make your learning journey of my courses as easy as I can for you all. Many people have often told me that they feel like I'm sitting right beside them in their sewing area.

We also use some packaging style tape if we're  washing n blocking a quilt that is wider or larger than the foil board and we need to join boards together to make the board a little bigger than the actual quilt. Once again this is also very simple and I'll take you through this step as well within the course...

I'll even show you some of my very old boards where I've joined several sheets of foil boards together to make it big enough for my large quilts. Some of these older boards have many different quilt sizes created on the boards. There's also a right and wrong side to the foil boards, and if you used the wrong side it may be disastrous to your quilt.

Within this online course, I'll show you doing both a very small A4-A3 size quilt and a very large 3 mt quilt.

If your hanging your quilt on a wall, it'll look magnificent, but if your entering your quilt within an exhibition or show, then it'll hang incredibly well, but you also need to be aware of how you fold your quilt so as not to get those awful fold lines showing. You can check out the video at the bottom of this page that shows how to reduce your fold lines when folding a quilt.
If you enter your quilts into exhibitions or would
like to but are a little unsure of just what the judges look for within a quilt, then do check out this amazingly popular blog post for some insight to just what judges look for within a quilt to help you win awards for your beautiful workmanship, or to just fine tune your creative skills.

Within the blocking process we also need to pin the quilt to hold it to it's beautiful square shape that it truly deserves after all the love, time & money that you've invested in within your personal creative journey of your quilts, but I'll talk about that in next Wednesday's email, so do make sure that you watch out for that.
It's really simple to wash n block a quilt, but it's just knowing all the little things that make the difference. I've been "washing n blocking" all my quilts for approx the last 20 years and I've really fine tuned this process over the years to be able to achieve the absolutely brilliant results that I do, and you can too. If you haven't already checked out this free on-line course, then do so now... you have nothing to lose, but lots to gain from doing this course.

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