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How You'll Know if Your Fabric Colours Work for You!

How You'll Know if Your Fabric Colours Work for You!

How to choose the right colours for your quilt
How to know what colours will work together
Choosing colours for  a quilt
This is “Definitely” how you’ll know if your colours work for each other!

The house was quiet and not a mouse stirred, so to work I begun....

This week I thought that I’d still touch somewhat onto the subject of colour
once again, and give you all a glimpse of just what I’m working on at this present moment to bring your way as quick as I possibly can.

It’s 1.15 am and this is my worktable where I’d been working for many
hours. I needed to make sure that my husband was woken at 1.30 am as he needed to leave at 2.30 am to go somewhere, so of course how did I fill in my time?

Do I really need to ask a question like that?


The house was quiet and not a mouse stirred, so to work I begun....

The fabric stash was examined, out came colours of all manner of types,
patterns, shades, brights & pastels, until I decided on a palette of hand dyes.

Out came the scissors, the freezer paper and iron, as I settled into cutting
this way and that, then out came the Roxannes glue baste  for the next step of this creative appliqué piece I’d embarked on. How far could I get before it was 1.30 am?

Once I’d finished my cutting of these very seductive, evocative and
almost tantalising fabrics, I reached across to pick something up when my eyes caught sight of the pile of fabric scraps that I’d just finished cutting out and I instantly knew that I’d made the right choice of fabrics.

You see, as my eyes caught just the slightest glimpse of these fabrics my

brain automatically thought ....

“Wow, don’t those colours look fantastic together, almost seductive”, and I knew in that instant that the piece I was working on would look absolutely perfect colour wise.

You see I hadn’t actually looked at this pile with asking the question,
“Will these fabrics work okay together”, it was actually my brain that told me these were perfect.

Sometimes when we’re unsure if our colour choice is correct or not,
we get confused and cannot really answer the question, but when we are caught out like above, then we know it’s right, just like when you look in a cake shop and one particular cake will “jump out at you”, and you instantly know that’s the one you have to have.



So what is it that I’m actually working on here?

These pieces are what I’ve designed for my using within my new on-line
class that I’m close to finishing... Advanced Trapunto. This follows on from the Basic Trapunto on-line class which has been very popular.


So the next day the house was quiet once again, as I don’t make much noise when on my own, and this morning out came the paints, as I really wanted to “just play”.

What would I create and what colours would I use?
I wanted something totally different to this appliqued piece here that has all been stitched down with using Maderia monofilament thread. It obviously still has some work needed on it, but at this stage it's now ready for the Trapunto to start happening.


I decided on a rose, and off I started to paint, but she needed more, she
needed some life and movement, ..... hmmm I pondered for a moment or two, when suddenly...
On the window just next to me, a butterfly landed on the fly screen, so a butterfly or two was to be added to this rose.

I was so lost in creating these butterflies; I could almost feel the gentle flapping of their very delicate wings. Deciding on the actual colours was the most difficult part, as these paints are absolutely “delicious” and of course there’s still lots of stitching to happen yet that’ll marry it all together.

I’m very happy with these little pieces so far, as I can easily picture the
finished pieces.

By now its tea time, a storm has just blown up with heavy rain and lots of

wind, the power is threatening to go off, but it “JUST CAN'T” as I still have a whole night in front on me..... with not a mouse stirring.... as my husband will still be away.

So a quick evening meal I partake in, with a nice hot cuppa as well.
I’m feeling revived, and a quick clean up is needed before I start once again.

This piece I’ve decided will be quite a bit larger than the other two,
and once again I feel like painting this piece, but this time with a very different type of paint.

So I come up with my design, and away I paint, an odd cuppa or two
along the way, when I suddenly realise it’s after 11.00 pm.... hmmm do I really need to go to bed?

I look at my piece and see that there’s not much more I can do anyway as

now it’s time to hang it up somewhere to be able to have a better look at it tomorrow.

The next morning I looked at this piece and decided that I’d add some more to the poppies and some extra ones as well, which is now what you see, but once again there's still lots to do.

These poppies above here  certainly grew much quicker than the ones in
my garden here.


My husband arrived back home at approx 9.00 am which was really nice,
so the painting was put aside for the time being. I finished this piece off to this stage with the sashing painted and added over the following couple of days.

A few days later, I started the next step with creating the videos, etc for
this on-line class, and as I said above, I still need to finish this so I can deliver it my website. These pieces are now starting to look very different to how they are above, as I start adding the trapunto etc to them.

I’m not too sure just what designs I’ll create that’ll actually be within the course itself for the students to work on who purchase it, maybe it’ll be these pieces or maybe something different.

Hopefully within approx 2 weeks time it’ll all be finished and up ready to deliver to the many many people that are patiently waiting for its arrival.

At this stage I’m still working, sewing, filming, and then editing the videos, then I still need to design the actual pieces that’ll be the ones that you’ll receive within this course, so do stay tuned for notification of its arrival with bells, whistles, horns and confetti.

Once again I hope that you’ve gained some more knowledge about
colour, as to me it’s always such an important aspect of quilting.

For those that’d like to check out the Basic Trapunto on-line course, you can click here for more info and a video as well.


I’ll be back again this time next week,
so until then hopefully you’ll find lots of time
to do something creative within your life.

Have a beautiful & inspiring day