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Lang Lang Quilt Show


Good morning,
What a wonderful comforting sort of day it is here today.

... It is raining, cold, and the heater is  going, so it's toasty and warm sitting here...
in my office writing this to you all, and there is the very aromatic smell of biscuits cooking in my oven...Now this is what I call a perfect day, although I do have to go out for the afternoon.

Today's posting is mainly images of the Lang Lang Quilt show
that was on this last weekend just gone.

I would like to say Hello and Thank you to all those beautiful people
whom I spoke with at the show, and a HUGE Welcome to all those who have come on board here with the rest of us, that are looking forward to receiving their regular Inspirational Tips just like the rest of you do.

I am very thrilled, delighted and grateful  at how many people
are now the new, proud and happy owners of my books, particularly my new one,
Using & Understanding Monofilament Thread, including how to set your machine.

"Thank you,
you are all such amazing people"

I do have one apology here though, to the owners of some of these quilts, that due to either the angle or positioning of the quilt, some, I could not take the image "square on", so they are somewhat a little distorted, my absolute apologies to you.

I also haven't named who they belong to, as I didn't have the names but I was advised from the committee that I was allowed to add these images onto my site here as each entrant had signed a disclaimer.

I always like to add the names of the creator of the quilt in,
as I think it's a very respectful and right thing to do, acknowledge the artist for their talents, so I do once again apologise to you, if you're the owner, friend, family, etc of these quilts.
These are just a few of the quilts there. They were all pretty amazing.


 ....Now let's look at these images....















Hope that you have enjoyed looking at these,
I just LOVE the little dresses, they were brilliant.

For those that are interested, Victorian Quilters are holding their Autumn Gathering this year at Lyrebird quilters in Belgrave on 20th May 2017.

I did a talk with at the Lyrebird Quilters group last year, and what a brilliant group of ladies they are.
It is a beautiful area over there in the  Dandenong's, particulary at this time of the year.
Unfortunately I myself won't be there as I have a previous commitment, but I am sure that those who go will have an amazing day.

Anyway I will leave you all here today,
Have the most brilliant day.

Think I'll go and make a cuppa and have one of those biscuits.

Rose Lewis Quilting