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Learn How to Easily get Brilliant Results from your Fabrics

Learn How to Easily get Brilliant Results from your Fabrics

When you go into a fabric store, do you struggle sometimes finding
"Just the Right" fabrics for your project?

Do you struggle a little to get your quilts to have more dynamics and that
"WOW" factor.

Would you like, to just be able to "make your fabrics work better for you",
and to achieve more dimensions & movement across your quilts?

Knowing how to do this, & it's very simple once you know how, will have
your friends in awe of your amazing results within your quilts.

Last week while teaching a thread painting quilting class I had many of my sample pieces with me, and of course when you look at something “close up and personal”, it’s always very different to how you see something in comparison to on a website or within a book etc. You get to see it, in all its dimensions, shadings, magnificence or not so magnificent, the highs, the lows, the colours of the fabrics, the techniques, the quilting and so much more.

I always feel that we all learn so much more by actual visual and touching.
When you’re also in a group of like minded people, and what a better group when it's all about patchwork, sewing & quilting, then the questions also start happening. You can often see people thinking & wondering how something was created, etc.

This is one of the reasons that I like to take many of my sample pieces with
me when I’m teaching classes, demonstrating, speaking or guest artist, as let’s face it, these sample and/or class pieces are no good to anyone if I just leave them stuck in my cupboard. What would be the use of creating them in the first place?

Now many of you already know that “I look at & work my fabrics” very
different than most people do. For example my little Lady in Red quilt was
made from a fabric that had Rose’s on it, and you can see that actual fabric on the below linked video.

My small Sweet Delight Rose quilt was created from sweet peas, and you may be surprised at just how I created this below wren to achieve the white coming down from his eye like in the image here.


Within all my appliqué work, nothing is quite like it seems, every bird,
flower, cobblestone, leaf, butterflies, and so on, have all been created from something different than what it appears once it’s been created and added into the quilt.


When my large quilts are on display somewhere, I’m always being asked a multitude of questions as people can see what they are seeing but can’t quite work out how I created the piece. I’m always happy to answer them as well of course.

Amongst all the sample pieces that I had with me last week within the class,
there was one in particular that seemed to draw much more attention to it than the other pieces after I showed them a little more how it was created.

At first everyone seemed a little in awe of the piece itself as the colour is
rather vibrant, but the trapunto that’s within this piece also stands out somewhat, just like the majority of my trapunto does. In fact I had this piece in my hand just carrying it, and the back of the quilt was showing outward when one of my students exclaimed something like.... “Wow that is amazing...”


She actually thought that she was looking at the front of the quilt, until I
showed her the front. This then seemed to bring many discussions about this
little piece throughout the room, so for a short time, we stopped working on the thread painting class, and I started explaining more about how I look at my patchwork fabrics very different than most people do and just what I can see within a particular fabric.


It’s actually very easy once you learn how to do this, and then you’ll never look at fabrics in the same way again.

So what was the actual fabric that I used....
You can see here for yourself.



Surprised !!!

Although I do teach this class within the class room, just how I look at  
fabrics when purchasing, and each of the students have fabrics that I know are workable to the design that we’re working on within the technique of the day, I also realise that many many people cannot literally make it to my classes, so
with that in mind I created a really easy & simple on-line class that teaches you how you can easily achieve these same magnificent results from your fabrics yourself.

Maybe your guild, group or local shop is interested in me teaching there,
feel free to forward this onto them, as so often this is how I'm contacted for teaching. In person - Face to Face classes.

It’ll be one the easiest classes that you’ve ever done, as most of its just
watching and seeing what I do, and of course I fully explain all this as I go,
and then playing with your patchwork fabrics that you have in your stash or
going shopping to try out your new found technique. What better excuse to go shopping for more fabric!  You can then put it into action with the patterns that
are also included within this class, as also are the “tools” that’s going to help you create your magnificent pieces.

So please do jump on over to check it out, there’s a short 5 mins video you can watch, and you may just be surprised at how much value you’re going to receive from this class for the small cost of the class. I like to keep my learning in reach of all people financially, so that everyone can have a chance to learn many brilliant techniques to help them grow within their personal creative journey.

Do check it out here.

There's a currency converter at the top of the page for you to be easily see what the cost is in your personal currency.

I’ll now leave you all until next week once again and please do leave a
comment below and I’ll be certain to answer you.

Have the most beautiful, inspiring & creative day.
Remember to find a little time for yourself,
maybe fabric shopping!!!!