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Monofilament Thread, Do you Love it, or Do you live in Fear of it?

Monofilament Thread, Do you Love it, or Do you live in Fear of it?

 Monofilament thread!

Do you use it?

Do you live in fear of it?
Do you hear horror stories about it?
Do you think that your machine doesn’t like it?
Does just the thought of using it, make you go weak at the knees?

Well, I can “very easily” change that for you!
I can melt away your fears!
I can dissolve all those horror stories!
I can teach you how to set your machine, so “it” will LOVE it!
I can give you, confidence, knowledge, understanding & power over this absolutely magnificent thread.

So much so, 
you’ll wonder why you “ever” had any apprehensions about using Monofilament Thread...

Is this the feeling that you, yourself personally feel about monofilament thread?
I can assure you, you’re not alone in that.

I so often find that when I’m in a classroom teaching a class where we’re using monofilament thread, many of the students are quite nervous and unsure as to whether they’ll be able to get their machines to actually sew correctly .

I always allow the first hour of any class, where we’re using monofilament thread to teach students how to “set their machines and tensions”, so that they’re able to easily and confidently sew with this brilliant thread.

Now on  saying this, “every machine” particulary in this day and age are all very different with the way that tensions are set, the pressures on your machine feet, the way that the threads go through machines, etc, etc. This means that what settings and tensions will work on one machine, won’t necessarily work on someone else’s machine. They’ll all be different, individual and varied.

I have several different machines within my sewing room, and I can assure you they’re both very different in how I set the tension for using monofilament thread. One doesn’t need any adjustments at all, and another needs quite a bit of adjustment to have the tension sew correctly.

So no one can say....
“just set your tension to this setting and you’ll be fine”,
as monofilament doesn’t work that way.

So far I don’t recall having had any one that hasn’t been able to actually get their machines set correctly to have a nice stitch sewing, a great tension, and also the student feeling confident with now being able to use this thread that they’ve  always lived in fear of, but of course, this is what having over 30 years of experience with this thread, allows me to confidently use & teach to others.

As I work my way through the class, I see the look of unsureness and fear being replaced with smiles, confidence and chatter, as they all now understand how to set their machines to work this thread.

Some times I’ll need to spend a little more time with a particular student or machine, but we always get there in the end, remembering that I often have up to 20 students and machines within a classroom, and within an hour, I’ve taught all these lovely students how to set their machines, with the correct stitch and tension for sewing monofilament thread. 

And what is better than that, is the huge response I receive back from everyone, with big smiles and lot’s of relaxed chatter, as they now have the knowledge and confidence to set their own machines and to use monofilament thread.
It’s brings a “warm fuzzy feel” into the room. Now that’s what I call Success!

This has been a huge success for my students, as they leave feeling absolutely amazed at just how easy it is to sew with, once they’ve been taught the easy, no fuss way to set their tension, how to find and set the correct stitch length and width, which brands that I always use, where I never have any issues with the thread melting, tangling, or sewing poorly, etc. 

Learning why I never use “smoke” coloured monofilament thread within
any of my work, even on dark fabrics.

And then of course there’s no more blaming the
“poor innocent sewing machine, that wasn’t at fault in the first place”.
It was just sitting there minding its own business!

I decided that as my students were receiving so many positive benefits from now “using and understanding” monofilament thread, that I’d like to share this simple, but very valuable knowledge with others right across the world, so they and you, yourself, can also start using this thread with absolute confidence. 

So I put all that information into a 50 pg paperback book, that has many step by step images, very clear and easy instructions, several pages where you can easily write down your settings to refer back to when needing to reset your machine again at a later time, etc.

This is the same exact way that I teach this within the classroom.

You’ll feel like I’m sitting right beside you, in your sewing area,
as the very easy instructions and the many images, keep it all so very simple.

I always say,
“knowledge and understanding of what you are doing, using or creating is a very powerful tool when doing something”

So I can easily give you the knowledge and understanding of monofilament thread, to give you the power and confidence to know what brands to purchase, what stitches to use, how to set your machine for perfect tension and so much more.

You can check this book out more HERE.


and the thread that I personally use HERE.

And to "almost" finish off here today is a  short 5 min You Tube that you may want to watch.

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Now you have lots of information here, if you're wanting to know how to make it really easy to sew with monofilament thread.

Have an amazing day and I'll be back again in approx a weeks time with something else to help you grow within your personal "Creative & Inspiring" sewing journey.