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Our Trip Away

Our Trip Away

Good morning or afternoon to you all.
Christmas has been and gone once again and most places are all back to normal and settling back into life.
I haven’t long since come in from my morning walk, which was very pleasant after yesterdays 36 degrees. This morning it was windy and raining, but oh so very nice. It was just on day break, the very best time of the day I think, the birds were just starting to make themselves known to the day, the sky was a beautiful grey, with rain and mist all around me, the sound of the rain on my umbrella was absolutely magic. It is just such a fantastic way to start a day.
I would like to thank you all for your patience over the last couple of weeks with the change over to NBN. Feeling very confident that all is well once again.

So today’s posting is a little of a catch up one, as I actually wrote most of this approx 10 days ago to send to you all, but of course I was unable to send it. This is just a little insight to what I did with my short break that I had just after Christmas...hope you enjoy it.
Anyway, Geoff and I went away for several days to a place called Omeo, which is approx four and a half hours from where we live, nicely in the bush. Life is very simple in these sorts of places, no phone reception much, some places none at all, meals were very simple, but due to the surroundings incredibly decadent.
Do you know how fantastic a loaf of fresh bread is, when you are sitting in the bush, beside a river, listening to an odd Kookaburra or two, the sound of the river, and an icebox full of many “goodies” to choose from...It is absolutely amazing and something that we really enjoy doing. With our 4 WD we can always get into all sorts of places.....
We would get back late most days and then just put some steak, sliced onions, sliced potatoes, mushrooms, etc, etc onto the barbie to cook, then when cooked this would be enjoyed with a tantalising plate of salad that would include things like blue cheeses, which I absolutely love, mango, avocado, sliced nectarine, and of course the normal spinach, tomato, home cooked beetroot, etc, etc, etc....all shared with a glass of wine or a beer.
Then later finishing with a cup of tea, and some Christmas cake.
Just because we are in the bush, does not mean we go hungry, it just depends what you decide to pack before you leave home.
We started off one day, actually it was New Years eve day, for a bit of a drive and approx 3 ½ hours later found ourselves in Corryong, had our lunch there in a park, then headed back another way, that also took approx 3 ½ hours.....Guess you could say it was just a drive around the block.
It was a very hot day and all the campers that were camping along the many rivers were all in swimming. Drove into the town Mita Mita, and there is a huge river that runs through the town, I think it was the Snowy river, and there seemed to be a hundred or more people on the grass bank and in this beautiful river swimming, some starting to settle in for their New Years eve partying.
It was such a beautiful place and atmosphere. I would have loved to have hopped in the river for a swim, but it was getting late in the afternoon and we still had several hours of driving in front of us.
We stopped at a pub on the way back to Omeo, called “The Blue Duck” which has been there for many years and it really is in the back of nowhere but has a really good name. Had a meal there, sitting on the veranda that had grape vines growing around the roof line and hanging down and a river that you could see easily from where we were sitting... once again, just a magic bush setting, which was perfect to us both in that precise moment.
The next day we wanted to go to Mc Killops Bridge, so once again this was an all day venture. If I remember rightly it took us approx 2 ½ hours to get there, lovely scenery, mostly dirt roads.
We drove past a sign that advised us it was now only 25 kms to Mc Killops bridge, so we thought that it would take us approx 30 mins but no it took us a good hour to do this distance. This was heading in from the Bairnsdale end.
The road was narrow and quite windy but also had bush on both sides of the road at this stage, which was perfectly fine, but as we got a bit further on, and the bush on my side of the car sort of dropped away,  I looked out my window and I could see the road for many miles twisting and turning below us, way, way, way down.......Now for some reason I do not like heights, particularly in places like this.
Firstly I must say that my husband is a very good driver, has driven trucks for most of his life, many, many large over dimensional trips and for those that live in Victoria, he was one of the drivers that carted the power stations into Gippsland many, many years ago. He has also done lots of four wheel driving over the years and really understands what vehicles capabilities are and his own. So with knowing all this, I should not concern myself, but put me near heights and I am not very comfortable, in fact I go to jelly.
It does not matter where we are, in the bush or something like a cable car ride, etc, etc.

So once I had seen this winding road down below me, I could barley look out the window, (wished I had taken a photo of that road, but that would have meant that I had to look out the window...hmm..) even though the view was absolutely amazing.
Remember we are in the bush, not a by now this road was just one car width, dirt with a certain amount of shale in places, and it was very very windy with quite tight bends that you couldn’t see around. Travelling speed was approx 20 to 30 kms an hour, and out to my immediate left, the road dropped off sheer with thousands of feet drop right beside me.....

One wrong move from any one, and it could be quite trechouous. Now if we knew for certain that we were the only car on the road, it would not be quite so nerve racking for me, but of course there would be other cars as well.
It wasn’t long before we met another car right on one of these tight corners, so of course even though we were both travelling slow, you still had to be careful when placing your foot on the brake as shale can slide under your wheels, and my mind was telling me that if we slide even a little then a wheel could go over the edge.....
I was not comfortable with this, but as always, Geoff is in total control of this type of driving and nothing is a concern when it is done with caution and sensibility. He is a very capable driver.
So of course one of us had to back up the road to where there was a small area that we could let the other car pass us. As Geoff had seen a place just a little back from us, he was the one to back up this road. We found a small place and both cars could just fit through....We were on the outer edge, like next to that almighty drop.
Looking out my window, all I could see was this huge drop.
This happened a couple of times again, but it was not so bad once we were off the shale surface, and of course I was fighting my fears, I had to, as it would have been totally impossible to turn around. Had there not been the huge sheer drop beside me, I would have been perfectly relaxed..amazing what a sheer drop will do to you !!!
We got to the bottom and it was absolutely amazing, the rivers, the scenery, the setting where we had our lunch, then later we sat on a couple of rocks that were in the middle of the river with our feet dangling in the water, watching families going past us in their canoes, or an inner truck tube blown up and someone sitting in it just floating down the river.
 This image was taken when we were only a couple of minutes from the bottom.
Time stood totally still, we did not want to leave this beautiful place and setting. There were quite a few campers with their tents set up... the smell of their bush barbecue cooking, the birds, the beautiful sunlight streaming through the absolutely perfect.
There have been times over the years where the water was right to the top of this bridge. Now that would be a lot of water.
Then there was the trip back up that hill. I knew that I had to face my fears once again, and I thought as it was now approx 4.00 pm there wouldn’t be anyone coming down this hill, but I was wrong.  There were so many cars (4 WD’s) coming down, but the trip back up was quite good, as this time, I had a bank and not a drop on my side, and all the cars coming down had the drop on their side. I was quite comfortable with the trip up, except for just one place.

Would I do that trip again, I think so, as it was just so magic at the bottom.

For any one interested in visiting, there is another way into McKillops bridge where you are actually driving in from a main sealed road, just not from the direction that we were coming from.
We stopped at some waterfalls, and of course I could see all the different colours and textures on the rocks and trees, great for creating quilts.
These were only small, but absolutely beautiful in the settings and surroundings.
Further up the road we stopped once again and lit our bush kettle, made a cuppa, had some biscuits and cheese, but the best discovery here was a tree.
This tree was magnificent; it is old and knarled, full of character. I took many photos of it. It felt like this tree wanted to talk to me, like it had so much to say, it was a tree that needed to be touched, it was so amazing.
The photos don’t show all the character that this tree had. I think this is the best tree that I have ever come across in my life, and I have come across many truly amazing ones.
The things that you come across when you are open and receptive to whatever your day may bring your way can be truly amazing, as I had truly found this out on that particular day. Then we headed back to our camp, and once again cooked our tea on the Barbie.
Another day we ended up at Mt Hotham, where there are some amazing walking tracks.

I won’t keep going here as you will need a week to read it otherwise, and of course there weren’t any patchwork shops out in these areas, not much in shops at all.
For those of you who live overseas from me, I hope that you have enjoyed a little more of our Australian bush, and for those in Australia our country is very diverse in its surroundings depending  just where abouts’ you actually live.
I will leave this here for today, and next week I will be back with things that do actually relate to sewing once again.
Think I might go and put the kettle on for a cuppa.
See you all in approx another week.
Have a beautiful day