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Quilting & Trapunto Designs & Patterns to help you within your quilting journey.

Quilting & Trapunto Designs & Patterns to help you within your quilting journey.


Have you ever been busy working within your quilting when all of a
sudden you decide that you could really do with a quilting design to add into a corner, a centre or somewhere else within your quilt?

Now I'm almost positive that you have at some time,
I know I have!

Have you ever looked in a quilting pattern book and really "love" just one
or two of the quilting patterns, but none of the others, so you walked away from the book, and those couple of beloved patterns.

Well, these patterns here are a "one pattern" booklet.

This means that you can purchase just the pattern that resonates with you at the time and for where you're wanting to place it.
It also allows you to start building your own favoured quilting pattern library that you can easily save into your computer.

These quilting & trapunto patterns can be used for within your quilting,
or using within trapunto, which is something that I love & specialize in, or anywhere else that you can think of using this design.

They do not come with instructions, as it's purely a pattern sheet.

This makes your life ,
"simple & easy" ..... as life is meant to be!

You can download this and have it in your hands ready to use almost 
quicker than you can make a cuppa.

Do check these images out, as the below images show both the front & 
reverse of the sewn piece, and you can also get a little more information of these at
Be aware, that all these images do have a watermark added to
them, just for showing here. If you decided to purchase any of these then the watermark will not show on your purchased pattern.

                              009 YOUR HEARTS DELIGHT
                                   007 THE BEAUTY OF A ROSE
                                010 FEATHERS IN A CIRCLE
                                   005 A FRAME OF GOLD

                                  004 FEATHERS N PEBBLES
                                 006 FRAME OF FEATHERS
                        002 THE MAGNIFICENCE OF SIMPLICITY
                             001 CURLY WURLY FEATHERS
                           003 A BUNCH OF SPRING DELIGHT
                            008 THE CENTER OF ATTENTION

Also .... feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the designs, so I know what people may be looking for when I start on my next lot of patterns.

Have the most beautiful & inspiring day