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Good morning everyone,

Now I know that I haven’t been in contact as much over the last several months, but for those that have been with me for quite some time will remember that the start of this year brought an unexpected and brilliant offer my way, (nothing at all to do with sewing), which I decided to follow through on, which of course meant that I put in many changes into my website.

Do make sure that you read to the end of this posting to see what is coming your way very soon.

For those that have chosen to join me since then, then I will explain that I used to have an online store where I sold different products and I had also designed a brilliant online program to help and guide people through learning to quilt and to also grow within their own personal confidence within quilting. For several reasons that was taken down from sale, but in the future this will be totally redesigned and repackaged in a very different way...Not too sure just how as yet.

For those newer members once again, in a previous website, I regularly wrote some very interesting blog posts, that were often quite long as once I start to write, I just keep going and what started out to be just a quick short posting would normally end up being quite long. Sadly due to the changes within my website, it was a very hard platform to actually write blog postings on, and with everything so very busy, they sort of got pushed aside.
That issue has now been totally sorted out.

I must say that I really missed writing those postings.

It is once again my plan to start writing these very much loved postings regularly once again. Once again they will contain many different things.

As many of you already know, I like to fit at least 50 hours into my every 24 hours of each day. Life is but a blink of an eye, so I don’t like to waste any of it.

I have still been very busy throughout the year still teaching and doing speaking events, but sadly with so many things happening, my own personal exhibition sewing has been put on hold, due to the amount of things that I already fit in.

We have also had another 3 grandchildren born this year so we went from 3 to 6 in a matter of 4 months, so we now have 2 granddaughters and 4 grandsons. All had very different and interesting births, one was in an ambulance that had no time or place to stop except right in the middle of a major intersection, with lights flashing and traffic having to drive around this ambulance...all while my daughter was actually delivering....that baby was in one big hurry to arrive.

I decided that I would make them all some new bibs for these babies..hmmm...a little later on I thought that this may not have been such a good idea as I made approx 60 of these bibs....15 for each of the new babies, that being 45, then I made a few new ones for a couple of the younger toddlers as well.


As I embroider these bibs on my machine and some of these took over two hours just to do the embroidery, there was quite a few hundred hours went into these bibs.

The mums are all very appreciative of them, but I don’t think I want to see another bib for quite some time now.

I am thinking that within a couple of weeks time I will create a pattern and instructions for how to make these bibs. I used to make these for my children when they were babies many years ago. I used to cross stitch a design on them at first and then later I got an embroidery machine, so that was good. Now I have a much different machine and it is so much easier for embroidering, but still takes time. I will let you know when this happens.

With being so busy my garden had fallen a little behind, so I am busy at the moment trying to get that back in order and replanting some beds. Just planted some plum trees and blueberries and now Geoff is going to build a big wooden frame that will then be covered with wire to keep the birds off these.

Last year we lost every olive that was on our trees, and the fig tree is always well covered to keep those birds out.

We have a huge amount of birds within our garden and every morning we wake to the melodious chorus of the many different birds within our garden.

I must let you know that sadly the arch with the “Meg” rose and clematis on it that I made my “Through the Garden Gate” quilt from died this year..


Hmmm... I not sure if I actually killed it with Roundup or the agapanthus took every bit of moisture out of the ground and it could no longer survive.
These agapanthus were planted on the outside of the fence where the arch was planted.

I had decided it was time for the many agapanthus to go, as we were finding that they were self seeding as agapanthus do profusely, and we were finding them growing up in the guttering of our house.

But anyway we no longer have either the beautiful arch or the agapanthus in our garden.


It has been very wet here for the last several months, and every morning I just love heading out the door just before daybreak for my walk. This morning was absolutely magic, it was cold and raining, definitely needed the umbrella this morning, the fall of the rain in front of the trees, against the light from the street lights was just like been in the middle of a children’s fairy story, the big rain drops sitting on the leaves of Rose’s within several gardens I passed, the leaves and bits and pieces twirling their way down the gutter with the rush of the water, the birds letting everyone know that they were happy, and just being totally lost within myself......What an absolutely brilliant way to start my day.

Something else that I have been very busy working on over the last couple of months and that is a book that will help you all on your personal sewing and quilting journey.
This book is the first of a series of three within this “subject” and is to be both a paperback and a Kindle e-book.

For those of you that are so often writing and telling me just how much you love your "Tips" e-mails then you will really love this book and the following ones that I still need to write.

They are very close to now been ready, just a matter of a couple of weeks I should think..
I will keep you up to date on their progress from this time forward, and as they get closer you will find out more about these.

I am intending to write many books over time now as writing is something that I really love doing and like so many other things within my life, once I start to write, I become very oblivious to everything else around me..I guess you could say that I really connect and totally get lost within myself. My fingers just keep writing.

Here is an image of the front cover of this 204 page book.


And just as a little "Welcome Back" gift, I am going to put all my e-books and e-patterns that are under the e-book tab on a 50% off sale for a short time, so do yourself a favour and do check them out.

Of course there are so many of you that already have either one or two of these e-books or the complete lot of them.

These are an instant download and come into your computer as a PDF e-book. You will also receive an e-mail from "Send Owl", the digitizing company that I use with a link on it for the download.

This below e-book is an absolutely brilliant e-book with lots of information within it, and is exactly as I teach this within my classes..So do at least check this one out.



Anyway I will leave this here today with you all,
and once again I will be back with another posting in a week or ten days.

I will also have more information about that book, so do stay turned.

In the meantime

Have the most brilliant day