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Selvedges-Try this Brilliant Idea with Your Selvedges

Selvedges-Try this Brilliant Idea with Your Selvedges

When you bring your fabric purchases home, what do you actually do 
with them, I ask you?

Silly question you’re all thinking.

I always do something that seems quite small, but has so often, got me
out of a dilemma or two.

Firstly I wash all my fabrics before they go into my sewing room, but
that’s for another time. Once their dry, and ready to be ironed, folded and placed somewhere, I take approx another 30 seconds to do what is within this short 3.45 min video here.



This coming week is Quilt Showcase in Melbourne running from
Thursday till Sunday.
Will I be there?
Of course...

Will I have a quilt in?

Sadly no, due to several things in the last couple of years, including
teaching, etc, I haven’t actually made any new exhibition quilts, but my aim is that come this time next year I’ll have quilts entered back into quilt shows once again.

I’ll be there on the Sunday wandering, looking, maybe a purchase or two, 
possibly three or four.

If you’re there and see me, do come over and say a BIG hello to me,
as I just love chatting with people, particularly meeting those that join us all here. It’s always fantastic to meet and chat face to face.

This is quite a lot shorter today than normal, but positive that you don’t mind at all.

 I'll be back again, same time, same place next week, with another Creative Inspiring Tip to help you on Your personal Sewing and Quilting journey.
Do Remember to click on the above short video.

Have the most creative brilliant day,
and remember this below quote.