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Sewing Machines & Sewing Machine Needles. Do they Really Bite ?

Sewing Machines & Sewing Machine Needles. Do they Really Bite ?

Sewing Machines and their Sewing Machine Needles.
Do they really bite?


One day approx a week ago, I had been doing some sewing, but on this particular day, I was also filming part of the “almost finished” Advanced Trapunto Class, and for various reasons I had to change the machines that I was using so I just quickly set this one up on the kitchen table.

So here I was sewing away, lost in my own thoughts as for that part,
I didn’t have the camera turned on, when all of a sudden I felt the machine needle go into my finger.... Yes my finger.
So I thought to myself, let’s first of all turn the machine off on the side of the machine, and as my finger was attached to the machine I couldn’t move very far.

I decided to remove the needle, but for anyone that has a Bernina QE 440
you’ll know that to remove the needle, it has a little thumb style screw on the side that can often be quite difficult to remove and I “Normally” have a little piece of rubber grip type thing near me for getting this undone... this was in my actual sewing room.

So here I was attached to the machine and unable to move  ...
a bit like a ball and chain I guess.

Maybe I’d need to call my husband to come home from work...
No my phone was not within reach... hmmm... So here I was, the sewing machine and myself feeling very close & connected, as friends so often do.

I just knew that I had to get that screw undone ... and I did.

The needle had gone through my nail and out the very front of my finger.
Not really as bad as it sounds. It was actually quite easy to pull out, just a little firm coming through the actual nail but no pain.

So I then placed a band aid on my finger, replaced my needle,
got my phone and the piece of rubber and placed them a little closer to the machine, then sewed happily for the rest of the afternoon , thinking from time to time of how funny it would have looked if I was still there attached to machine several hours later when my husband arrived home.

Let’s now move forward about 4 or 5 days.
Remember though that I’ve been continually sewing since I was approx 5 years old, and have never been so literally attached to my sewing machines in this way before.

This time I was sewing in my sewing room once again, and very
strangely since a few days earlier I seem to have sitting on the end of my Huge
sewing machine extension table ,my phone and the little piece of rubber to undo the screw within that particular machine,  sitting within the front of my sewing machine extension table... you just never know what may happen.

Well this time round I was quilting and going at full speed, yes very, very fast, when “OUCH” the needle went straight into my finger at the side of my nail and was poking out the other side.
Yes, ... this one did a really fantastic job, same machine, etc.

So I felt even more attached to my machine this time round, but hey I had
the piece of rubber close by. Turned off machine, had to sort of twist myself around to be able to get that screw undone and because the needle had gone through deeper, it actually gave me more room or height to be able to slide my finger out once the needle was undone.

So here I am with needle in finger, and how was I going to get it out, as I
didn’t really want it in there forever, it was quite in the way of things....

So I went and got a pair of pliers. 
I’ve always been pretty handy with tools, so this didn’t really phase me at all,
but then I realised that I wouldn’t be able to pull it out straight and hard in one go, and it needed to happen that way otherwise it would really hurt if it was pulled out slowly.

So this time round I did call my husband to please come home and help remove this needle.

So in he came, and we looked at it to work out the best way to remove
the needle. I held my finger over the edge of the bench, put pressure on my finger to hold it firmly down, Geoff then held the pliers hard on the shank and one sharp pull and it was out in less than 2 secs, and it really didn’t hurt at all.

What did I do then, Geoff went back to work, I put on another band aid, replaced needle and sewed for the rest of the afternoon.

I don’t actually plan on making a habit of this I must say.
Luckily  90% of the time I always use Superior Topstitch needles which are actually very strong. The needle did not even bend, but better still did not break.

You can also purchase Superior Topstitch needles HERE.

My husband said in all the years he has known me, he has never seen me
do his before, and now I've done it twice within a week.

Now a couple of years ago one of my granddaughters was approx 8 at
the timeand she did have a bit of a nasty experience with a sewing machine, it was actually one of mine that I’d passed on several years earlier, that her mother often still uses.

If you’d like to read this one, then here is a link to the blog posting
of that, but there is a picture or two of this one, which it actually looks worse than it cleaned up to be, but on saying this it did go through her finger 3 times and through the bone...
hence it had a superior top-stitch needle in it also, and my daughter and her husband had pulled the machine to pieces in different ways to get her finger out, so I went up and put it all back together again and they still had the needle that the doctor from the hospital gave back to them, quite amazed that it wasn't broken.
The needle was still straight and still had a perfect point on it, and as I
was curious I tried it in the machine, and it didn’t miss a trick.

So now onto something else...

If you’ve been on my site over the last couple of days you’ll possibly
have noticed that I’ve changed the front design of this on-line program here,
"Fabric Selector Tool"  to one that is more reflective to the program content itself.

I’m not really sure why I hadn’t done it this way in the first place, so for
all those lovely people who already have this program, please don’t concern on
this change as nothing else has been changed at all.

I’m also hoping that the new Advanced Trapunto on-line class WILL be
up before the end of this month. I do apologise for this one taking so long but I’ve had some “outside unexpected things happen” that I needed to put my energy and time to. Some things in today's age are just called "life", and have to be dealt with.

Many have already learnt this brilliant technique, and have found it to be
much easier than they had ever imagined it to be, and many of those same people are eagerly waiting for my new Advanced Trapunto on-line program to be released within the next couple of weeks.

If you haven't already learnt my very easy & simple technique for doing
Trapunto then you may like to check this out further here.
There's no cutting into the back of your fabric with this easy & brilliant technique.
You'll be amazed at just how easy it is, once you know how.

I just need to do up booklets and create the pattern sheets etc, and a
few other minor details for the Advanced Trapunto On-Line Class to be ready.

Also remember that I’m teaching the thread painting class in Bunyip Vic, Australia on Saturday 26th Oct at The Quilters Closet.


I’ll leave this here for now, and do watch out for those sewing machine needles that seem to want to jump into your fingers.


Have the most beautiful, inspiring & creative day


Rose Lewis Quilting