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The Secret of Why Some Quilters Almost Always Make Award Winning Quilts Every Time!

The Secret of Why Some Quilters Almost Always Make Award Winning Quilts Every Time!

Why do some quilters almost always make award winning quilts every time you may often wonder.
What is their secret?
Do they have a secret?
How can I make quilts like they do, you often ask yourself.

I can easily answer the above questions for you.

So often the way to make an amazing quilt that

Contains the right colour combinations of fabric,
The correct balancing of design throughout your quilt,
The technique that you may choose for a particular quilt,
Knowing how to “really” make the negative areas of a quilt “Pop”,
or even just knowing that so often it is the
Very simplest of tools that will give you the easiest and most magnificent results that you could ever imagine is as “Simple and as Easy as” just knowing many of the “Tricks of the Trade” so to speak.

As I have been sewing for the majority of my life, since I was a young teenager, I use many little tricks, tips and bits when I make all my award winning quilts and it is my passion and desire to help others to become more confident and proficient within their personal quilting journey.

I become very stimulated and enthusiastic when it comes to helping, sharing and teaching many tricks of the trade.

To me one of the best “tools” that we can ever acquire within our life is “Knowledge”.

Knowledge is so very powerful, particularly if it is given, written or spoken in a very easy and simple way to learn and understand.

Many of you who have been with me for quite some time are very familiar with all the written information that I used to write within a previous blog, that I personally use with the making my award winning quilts

My passion and enthusiasm always shines through me, whenever I get the chance to share so many of my “Secrets”, that allow “You” to grow within your confidence, knowledge, creativity, motivation and enthusiasm.

Today I am very excited to let you know that you can “easily and very simply” now learn many “Secrets” that allow myself and many other “big name quilters” to win the awards that we do.

My paperback book,

“100 Inspirational Tips to help you on “YOUR” Quilting Journey”

Consisting of 204 pages in total and 100 brilliant tips is now ready to be delivered right to your door.

This book is to be the first of a series of three of “100 Inspirational tips” each, that will help to guide you and keep you motivated, stimulated and forever growing within your personal creative sewing and quilting journey.

Some of these “100 Inspirational tips” are long, some are short, many are medium and several are very, very long, but most important I am positive that you will have many of those Ah-ha moments.

If you order this from my website then as a Launching Special I am discounting this book, so please do check it out Here and you can also see the some of the other big online book stores where you are able to purchase it.

 100 Inspirational Tips to help you on “YOUR” Quilting Journey

ISBN 9780995404502


PS....Although I have quite a supply of these books ready to be posted to you, if when you place your order it advises that I am out of stock, then do still place your order as I have another shipment due to arrive within a few days.

But to avoid disappointment, and needing to wait a few more days for the new order to arrive, place your order quickly.

PS....This book will also be available in e-book format hopefully within a very very short time.
So please do check out this book
I will be back in another week or so.

In the meantime
Have the most beautiful day
Rose Lewis Quilting