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Thread Painting Class with Rose Lewis of Rose Lewis Quilting held at The Quilters Closet in Bunyip Vic Aust

Thread Painting Class with Rose Lewis of Rose Lewis Quilting held at The Quilters Closet in Bunyip Vic Aust

I’ve been busy creating some new thread paintings and I actually
created three, over the last few days, but I disposed of one, even though it
was finished, it just didn’t “grab” me, and the other one, a Sunflower, I’m going to be using for something else, when I finish it, that is!

What was the one that I disposed of?
It was actually of a butterfly with very long swirls flowing from the back
of the butterfly. Once finished it just looked “too chunky” for a butterfly
as my swirls were too thick.

Never mind, I’m always quite happy when I’ve created something that
doesn’t turn out quite the way that I was hoping it to, as it always then
gives me the room and inspiration to “grow” within my creative
thoughts, ideas, and designs.

If we never make mistakes, we never grow, and that’s the same as with anything within our lives.

This piece that I’ve created here is actually for a class within my local
area, which is to be happening on Saturday 26th October 2019, within the
walls of a lovely Quilting & Patchwork Shop in Bunyip, The Quilters Closet,
which is in the Gippsland area, approx an hours drive from Melbourne...
Just Google it to find out more about where this lovely shop is positioned.


  Spaces will be limited, as there will only be room for 6 students and I
know that they've  already received a couple of  bookings for this class since Tracey from The Quilters Closet in Bunyip Victoria 3815 put it up approx
a week ago.

This is a one day class that will run from approx 9.00 - 9.30 am to
approx 4.00 pm, times to still be confirmed, and you’ll have a choice on the day of doing one of the three different trees that you can check out HERE.

You’ll need to contact Tracey for pricing of class and making your
booking; etc, either HERE or by calling her on 04 2311 7104. 

A couple of closer images.



Once your booking has been paid for, then you’ll have a supply list 
e-mailed to you.

There is a class supply fee of $22.50 as well with this class, as there are
a couple of items that are very difficult to purchase here within Australia
and I order one of these directly from the company in the US.

There are also some items that this covers that I supply and are
“shared items” within the class to save you purchasing these.
These are listed within the supply list, so you know just where your 
money is going to, and just confirming once again the class supply fee
is $22.50.

This class supply fee can be paid to myself, Rose Lewis
of Rose Lewis Quilting directly on the day of the class, as I bring these
items with me on the day.

As this class is held within a lovely country patchwork shop, you have
other items right at your finger tips on the day of the class, but please do
talk to Tracey about these.

Bunyip is approx an hour’s drive from Melbourne, and do check with
Tracey once again, on what food can be purchased within Bunyip on the day or you can bring it with you.


There will be a third tree created before the day of the class, 
and you'll get to choose which one you'd like to work with on the day.

Please do be aware, that we have kept this as a one day class, but you’ll
need to finish some of it at home, because when you leave on the day it’ll either be wet or you’ll be ready to wet it once you’re home.
It then needs to dry overnight before the next step.

Don’t concern about this as I’ll explain exactly what you need to do to
finish it and I’m only an e-mail away or a phone call to help guide you.
It’s simple but will still take several hours of sewing.


Do feel Free to also forward this out to your friends, guilds, family etc.

Have a beautiful creative & inspiring day