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Trapunto is So Much Easier than you may Ever have Imagined!

Trapunto is So Much Easier than you may Ever have Imagined!

Advanced Trapunto On-Line Course.

This Advanced Trapunto On-Line Class / course is for those who’ve already completed my “Basic Trapunto On-Line course”, or who already know how to do Trapunto and want to take themselves to a more advanced further level of knowledge and expertise within this absolutely brilliant technique that gives your quilts so much more in the way of movement & dimensions, across your quilt that only this level of Trapunto will do this.

If you haven’t done my Basic Trapunto on-line coursethen you Do need to do that first, as that is the class that teaches you “How to do Trapunto”. 
This course here takes Trapunto to a whole new level, and does not teach the basics of Trapunto.

Within this course, I show many ways of using different wadding’s, 
that'll give you more depth to your trapunto work, and I also take you through some steps to help you avoid some of the issues that can happen when you’re creating trapunto to this level and thickness, when using sometimes, quite a few layers of wadding under the one area of your quilt.

I show and explain how I created these huge bubbles of fabric, within
my, “A Caterpillars Dream” quilt and how to avoid this issue.

This program comes with 6 videos, including the introduction video, 
and in total you have a little less than 3 hours of video. 
You also have 3 pattern sheets and a pdf booklet. 

For the biggest part of this class, you’ll just need to settle in with a
cuppa and maybe a bickie or two, as most of this will be just watching and learning... How easy is that?

Once you have the understanding of this, then you can use your 
pattern sheets to take you to a new level of Trapunto, and then of course you’ll be excited to also add this into your personal masterpieces that you may be presently or will be working on in the future.

It’s a fantastic technique, as you already know, and you're only limited
by your imagination as to how and where you’ll use this.

Do have a look at this brief video here, 
that hopefully will give you a better idea of just what Advanced Trapunto is. 
You can purchase this on-line class that you can do in your own time space by clicking on the button on this page.

A little computer downloading housework info here..

Once purchased you'll receive an e-mail from "SendOwl" that'll have the links on it for you to download all the videos & booklets at the same time.

Do be aware though, Not to use an i-pad or similar to download to, as most videos etc do not download to I-pads etc as they're not made
for that. So please use your laptop/desktop.

It's set to give you 3 days to download, before the link expires. 
If you run out of time, then just send me an e-mail, so I can reset the link for
Make sure you save these videos etc, to your computer.

Only hit the download button once, otherwise you'll end  up with a
multitude of all the downloads and you'll have yourself a bit of a mess. Allow a little time for the files to download, as they will take several minutes each, depending on the speed of your computer and multiply that by 6.

Remember the e-mail will come from my digitizing company by the name of Send Owl. If you don't see it, then do check your junk folder.

Once downloaded then do save them into your computer.
Then to make it easy to find, maybe create yourself a new folder under documents, etc and call it "Rose Lewis Quilting Things".
This'll then be an easy place to store any programs, pattern sheets etc of mine in the one place.

Please note:  When printing out the booklet, I suggest that when you’re 
in the printing set up area and before you hit print, click the button that says “Fit”.
You’ll see that most computers give you a couple of options, for example... 
print to size, etc. But you need to hit the “Fit” button otherwise you may lose all the borders. I suggest you trial this first, by just printing out one page, as all computers are a little different.

Needing any more info or help, then you know where to find me, 
and that's at

As usual, I always like to make things as easy for you as possible.
You'll also find that I've created class packs to make things even easier for you.
You can check them out here under On-Line Class Supplies.

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