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What it looks like to have a sewing machine needle Through your finger

Hi to everyone,

I’m positive that everyone is so incredibly busy at the moment, particularly this week, the week before Christmas.

I have just finished preserving 40 kgs of apricots.

I left home this morning at approx 6.45 am for a 45 minute drive to Beaconsfield where there is a huge market. There is always a truck there that has the most amazing fruit. Allan comes from Taminick in the North East of Victoria. He has orchards there and his fruit is all tree ripened.

Every year for approx the last 12 years or so, I have been buying my stone fruit from him for all the preserving that I do. So a few days ago I rang him and asked if he would bring me down 4 cases of apricots. It was approx 7.30 am when I arrived, picked up my fruit, then back in the car and I was back home by 8.30 am. As I was organised for today’s fruit, I walked in the door and started this fruit straight away, and the first 1 doz bottles were in the bottles sitting in the preserver by 9.10 am. Over the course of the next few hours I preserved 60 jars of apricots. It was 4.00 pm by then.
They will now sit over night and tomorrow I will take all the clips off the lids, make sure they are all totally sealed, then give the jars a wash to remove any stickiness on the outside of the jars, then pack away in my cupboard to enjoy right throughout the coming season. Of course I also do lots of other fruits and jams, but this was just today’s’ effort.

Now you are probably wondering about today’s heading.

Last weekend my 8 year old granddaughter was happily sewing away, making a present for one of her many cousins, and an amazing job of it she was doing as well, when I looked at it a few days later.

All of a sudden something happened, you know what it is like, something happens and your not too sure just how it happened, but poor Alicia, was suddenly attached to the sewing machine, literally.

She had somehow got her finger in the way, and the needle went right through her finger, not once but twice, yes twice..can you feel that as you read this?

Not only did it go through her finger twice, but it also went right through the bone.

I think it was worse for her mother, as here was her daughter with a sewing machine needle through her finger, and of course the needle was still in the machine.

How do you get a child's or any ones finger out from the machine with the needle in her finger,.......and.....the needle was in the down
the foot was also attached to her finger.


Somehow she managed to get the foot unattached from the machine, as any movement too much was going to hurt Alicia more. Luckily her husband was home, so in the car they all hopped, other child as well, and straight off to the hospital.

Apparently they weren’t too sure just what to do with this....They didn’t know how they were going to get the foot off and the needle out. I am thinking that under this foot would have been the bobbin thread from where the needle went down and then came back up.

Off for an x-ray, this is when they discovered that it was totally through the bone. The needle was unbroken, still totally intact.

Alicia was quite happy about all this as she rang me to tell what she had just done, and her mother sent me through a photo of it.

Anyway, eventually they took her down to the theatre, and popped her to sleep, and dis attached the foot from her finger, then they pulled the needle out..still totally intact..unbroken, and not even bent....Now that is what I call a good quality needle.


She has two definite piece holes on the underneath of her finger, looks like a large snake bite with the two holes in her finger. She left the hospital with her finger nicely bandaged up.


I asked my daughter, “What needles did you have in the machine, as they must have been very strong to have not broken, not even the tip”.

She advised me that they were the needles that I had given to her one day, the same as the ones that I always use...Superior Titanium needles, hers were a size 90.
Titanium steel is very very strong, as we can all now see.

I think that it would have kept sewing through her finger but the over ride on the machine stopped the machine, just as it would if something had jammed the it had..a finger.

So when you next sew, you will possibly almost feel the needle go through your finger, as you picture what it must have felt like..
I guess it is like a bike, you just get back on, although I think that the machine may take a little back place for a while.

I brought her machine home, put all the screws that everyone seemed to take out, popped them all back in, checked that it hadn’t affected the tension and such, but no, it was sewing absolutely perfect. This machine is a Janome 8000, which I purchased approx 25 years ago and it was one of the first computerized machines on the market back in 1992. I used it for 16 years, then passed it on to my daughter here, who has always used it and after all this and the age of the machine, it sewed absolutely perfect..

Anyway I just thought that you would love this story today and the image of her finger..

I will leave you all here once again today.

I would like to wish you all a beautiful Christmas, and I hope Santa brings you all some wonderful presents.

We are having Christmas here this year, with all of our 6 children, their partners and their children..I just know that it will be an amazing day.

Do remember to grab yourself one of my paperback books so you can settle in for a bit of a read over the holiday break. I have had many brilliant reports sent back to me from those who have already received theirs. If you click here you will be able to see where and how to order one for yourself or a friend.

Have a beautiful day,
and I will be back after Christmas Day