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When sewing faster than a speeding bullet this is what happened to me...

When sewing faster than a speeding bullet this is what happened to me...

I was busy sewing, faster than a speeding bullet train, when all of a sudden, everything came to an almighty stop, with the almighty breaking of the thread that sort of went off with a twang, a snap as if something had flicked an elastic band at me!

What just happened?

I was in my own little world, sewing at this almighty pace, and now
suddenly sitting here feeling a little dazed.

Had my sewing machine needle broken? No!
But my sewing thread had broken, so was it my sewing machine tension? No

What else could it be?

Looking a little further into what had just happened turned out to be a very
simple answer & it’s something that tends to happen to many people. 
Has it happened to You?

For those that are not aware, or from time to time forget to check just like I
did here, there’s a right and wrong way to place your cotton reel onto your machine, as it’ll depend on which way the cotton has been spun onto the reel.

This is something that at another time I’ll go into more detail about, but for
today’s post here it’s all about that "SPLIT" in your cotton reel that stops your cotton from coming unraveled and forming a mind of its' own by ending up twisting and getting caught up in all sorts of places.

This of course is dependent if you actually hook the cotton into this split
when you’ve finished sewing or just throw it back into where ever you keep your quilting threads, like many people do. Let’s face it, we’re all eager to keep sewing and as we have many thread changes throughout our sewing & quilting projects, it can be quite time consuming to stop & rewind our threads neatly & hook the end into the split on the spool.

 Hmmmm...only you will know the answer to this!

Now when you place your spool of thread on your machine, when you’re
sewing, and you’re happily sewing away, do you suddenly find that your stitches have become tight and small and then next thing your thread breaks? 

Sounds familiar...

Never mind as it happens to many sewers, quilters, patchworkers, etc, and at first you may think it’s your tension, & yes that would be the normal first thought for the majority of sewers.

Keep reading to find just one of the causes that can make this happen.

You’ve placed your spool of sewing thread on your sewing machine the
wrong way around and as the thread unwinds, it actually gets caught in that little split in the end of your cotton reel.

Now in fact, it’s done its  job perfectly, as that is what it’s supposed to do,
catch your thread and stop it from coming unwound...right...Yes!... but not while you're sewing.

You need to take the thread off and just turn it the other way around or
upside down if it’s on an upright spool holder.

Take notice to which way it’s now facing and forever more place it this way
on your sewing machine every time you’re sewing with that particular brand of thread or spool, and that’ll be the end of that problem for ever more...well!! maybe just means that you’ll now know that it’s not your cotton reel causing the issue next time.....

The above reason for breaking thread often seems to be the last thing that
many quilters & sewers check, as we don’t always think about that little split within the cotton reels, as we have so many different types of cotton spools these days.

Another cause of breaking threads can be your tension of course or more
often than not... your needles. You may like to read this previous blog post to have a little more insight into sewing stitch issues and why your sewing machine needle is often one of the biggest reasons for skipped or broken stitches or bad tension and why that is so.


Hoping this little tip helps save you lots of frustration within your beautiful & personal creative sewing journey.

Please do leave a comment as this is often where the best conversations start, and it also allows others to learn as well.