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Would YOU like to quilt, as good as the Big name quilters do? Well you can...easily



Good morning everyone,
Hope your day is going well.

I feel like we are suddenly saying goodbye to our summer, even though it is now a month into autumn. Only a few days ago I was still wearing dresses and shorts, eating beautiful salads, etc, and now suddenly I am looking for long sleeves once again.

As the days cool, we start looking for different things and food. My kitchen will start having the aromas once again of apples and spices cooking, the heavier slow cooked meats and of course those luscious autumn and winter deserts.

I have been very busy in my garden, and a few days ago, I mass planted several hundred bulbs under some trees. They will look amazing come late winter and early spring.

These cooler days also draws us back into the house more and we all know what that means.....more sewing to be done, which of course may mean more material, threads, patterns, needles, etc to be purchased. What would we do without the need to go shopping?

This brings me today to a question that I am so often asked about.


How do you become a really good quilter?

It is a question that has great concern to so many people.

It is actually a really easy answer, but most people try to over think it.

Practise, Practise and then more practise.

The only way to become a much better quilter is by sitting in front of your machine on a regular base, practising. This can be on charity quilts that you have offered to do the quilting on for your guild, which is the same way that many big names quilters originally learnt to quilt on, or you can have some sample sandwiches approx 10 to 12 inches square and every time you start to sew, just spend 15 minutes on these pieces first with “doodling” at first.

You can quilt on these pieces several times by first quilting with a light coloured thread, then next quilt over it again using a mid coloured thread, then maybe a third time using a very dark thread, always ignoring the previous stitching.
This just gives you more sewing time on the one piece of fabric, as it will just be going in the bin later anyway.

Don’t get too caught up on designs originally, these will come after, but at first it is all about working out how to move your fabric and your feet together and speeding up and slowing down when necessary. Just like when you learnt to drive a car, although with quilting you would normally speed up to go around the corners, unlike driving a car. 

Most people say that “stipple” is very hard to learn, I have always taught my students to learn a stipple first. It is not as hard as you think. Often a mindset is the biggest block you will need to overcome when learning anything new. As most people tell you, a stipple, is so hard, so where does this leave your mindset?

Your mind “thinks and believes” it is hard.

Think of a stipple like is just a doodle.
Now I am not talking about very tiny micro stippling that I regularly do, but just a normal size stipple.

Don’t be too hard on yourself when you first start quilting, instead give yourself praise, and if you feel the sewing is not good, then praise yourself for taking the step to have a go. The first step is so often the hardest step of all.

If you keep putting yourself down, and criticizing your own work, then you will find it so much harder to progress, and you will more than likely “give up”. So always praise yourself and give yourself the "pat on the back" that you truly deserve.

As time progresses, so will your quilting.
They say to learn anything new, you need to practice approx for 10,000 hours.

This is a fantastic excuse and reason to be sitting in front of your sewing machine.
Think of all the fabric and threads that you will need to be purchasing?

With regular practice you will begin to gain confidence and will be able to see a huge improvement within your quilting. So I am very sorry to say, there is no magic wand to making your quilting improve, other than continual practicing.

Just relax and don’t get too caught up in the “fear” of it.

Remember you are just working with a piece of fabric and thread.

I will leave you here today with this little quote:

The best preparation for Tomorrow
Is doing your best Today

I will be back in approx another 10 days or so.

I have something “NEW” that I am about to launch,
so please do keep an eye out for this.

In the meantime

Do make sure that you spend some
quality time with someone that
you love.

Have an brilliant day