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Sewing Machine Foot Pressure-Do you know how to adjust it?

Sewing Machine Foot Pressure!

Are you aware that on most sewing machines, you’re able to adjust the
foot pressure?

I’ve  found over a time with teaching classes, that many people are not  aware of that there is even something called “sewing machine foot pressure”, never lone knowing what this is or how and when to adjust it.

Now that's not being rude to these people, it's just they've never been shown or told about it. Most sewing machine sales assistants do not even mention anything about this when you're purchasing a new sewing machine. 
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Back to Swing Machine Foot Pressure

Sometimes students will say to me that their machine is not sewing
properly, so after first checking that it’s not their sewing machine needle ....
Yes a needle that is even slightly blunt will cause many issues within your
sewing; I then check their foot pressure and many times a small adjustment
to it can make all the difference.

This adjustment will normally be a dial on the outside end of your sewing machine, or if your sewing machine is electronic, then it’ll be somewhere
within those electronic buttons that you press.

 What does this do I hear you ask?

The pressure on your machine foot is what weight is being placed on
your fabric to help hold it in place. Think of it, a little like having a canon ball
sitting on your fabric in comparison to having a cup sitting on it, right down to having a feather sitting on it, or trying to drive your car with the brake fully on.

It makes a big difference to how your fabric glides through your machine.
It’ll also depend on just what you’re sewing, to how much or how little pressure you have on this foot. The majority people have far too much weight/pressure
set on their feet, and this is often due to the reasoning that it’s been factory
set and the person has never learnt about sewing machine foot pressure.

Some machines are preset heavier than others.

On the absolute lowest setting, my Brother machine is far heavier in the
foot pressure weight than my Janome machine is on the same setting. This means that all machines are set very different within the factory, depending on each individual brand. You can’t say to a friend etc that they need to set their sewing machine at a certain weight, unless it’s exactly the same make and
model as yours and you’re both sewing the same fabric etc.

In general this is not something that you’ll adjust every time you sew, but you do need to be aware of it. You may choose to pull out your sewing
machines manual to find out more about this.

Check and make a note of where your machine is set to, then try sewing something..... next loosen the foot pressure and have a try, then tighten the
foot pressure above the original setting. You’ll feel that on different settings depending on your fabric you’re using that it’ll often feel like it’s dragging or
on the other end of the scale like there’s nothing holding your fabric at all.

You’ll then get an understanding of where you need to adjust your sewing foot pressure to, for your particular type of sewing and machine. 

As I do lots of Trapunto work, I do not want to have any or very little
pressure or weight on my sewing machine, as it would just “drag” while I
was trying to sew this very thick type of Trapunto that I specialise in.


Do go and check out your sewing machine and the manual to see
what you can find out.

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I’ll leave you here now today, and I'll be back with you all once again
before you know it.

Have the most beautiful & creative week



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What does a Sewing Machine, a Piece of Blu-Tack & a Packet of Sewing Machine Needles Have in Common?

What does a sewing machine, a piece of Blu tack and a packet of sewing machine needles have in common?
Possibly not a lot except all these 3 items added together really make my
sewing & quilting life sooo much easier.

How? ... you may be asking?


I don’t know about you, yourself, but for me there was a time that I could always easily read the size of the sewing machine needle on the actual shank of the needle.
For those who are not aware of this, manufactures of sewing machine needles have always “embedded” the size of the needle into the metal shank of the
actual needle.

Well I’ve been sewing for many years now, long before I was a teenager,
and this means my eyes are not as fresh as they used to be, so when I take a needle out of my machine to change it to a different size needle I like to place
my needles back into their correct packet, normally always on the right side
of the packet as I’ll always then know that that particular needle has already previously been used.

This is where the problem can start if I have mixed up the correct packet that the needle originally came out of, meaning that I may end up placing a
size 70 needle into a size 90 needle packet.

Now one day I thought there has to be a better way of doing this,
so this is what I did....

I went and got a smallish piece of Blu-Tack and pressed it against the
side of my sewing machine, just near the wheel but not too close to it. Position isn't really important, it just needs to be somewhere that's easy for you to reach.

I then took a needle out of a packet of needles, placed the needle into
the sewing machine, and next I took that packet and pressed it against/into
that piece of Blu-tack on my machine..... and now it's "stuck" there, just waiting..

So then when I want to change my needle to a different size one, I
know exactly which packet to place the removed needle into.
I then put the next needle into my machine, and place that packet onto that
piece of Blu-tack.

Such a simple idea, but it works so brilliantly.
Hoping that this helps you somewhat within your creative journey.

Have a beautiful & creative day

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Do You Thread Your Needle, or Needle Your Thread?

 Do You Sometimes Struggle Just a Little to Thread Your Sewing Needle?

If you want an easy way to thread your hand sewing needle,
then this is definitely for you!

This actually takes a little to get your head around initially, as it seems a
little back to front from our normal brains training.

“Hold the thread and bring the needle to it”

I'll just repeat that for you.

“Hold the thread and bring the needle to it”

It's now the only way that I ever thread a hand sewing needle.

Hold the needle and thread in the normal way that you normally would,
then hold the thread still, and bring the needle towards it.
You'll find that 95% of the time you WILL thread your needle first go.

Hope this brilliant and very simple sewing tip, helps you on your personal sewing journey.

Have the most beautiful & creative day