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Today is Launching Day!


Today is a very exciting day, where we get to say “Good Bye” to my old web site and where I am going to introduce you all to my
still called

Rose Lewis Quilting

I won’t keep you here reading today, as I just know that you are itching to check out my amazing new site.

You will at long last get to know just what that “THING” is.

You will receive 10% off any purchases that you choose to make over the next 7 days, starting today Thursday 10th Dec 2015 and finishing at 11.59 pm on Wednesday 16th Dec 2015.

Once you are at the checkout, just place this below code here into the box and it will take the 10% off.                                                                              
  Do make sure you use upper case.

For those that join up with the “THING” then you will also find another voucher within this
“THING” waiting for you.



So I will leave you all here now, and do enjoy having a look around my new site.

Please feel free to send this out to all your Facebook Friends for me as well...
That would be greatly appreciated Thank you.

Please DO leave a comment here at the bottom of the page, on just what you think and like about my new site.

If you find that something like a link or something else that is not working properly would you mind also letting me know about this, within the comment page.
This little bit of help from you all, is greatly appreciated.

You will also find that you may have to wait for a short time for the videos to load.
As well as this, some videos have a different logo, but over the next couple of months I will go back in and either change these or totally re film them all.
For now I know that you will understand.

Have the most beautiful day

Rose Lewis Quilting