Understanding & Using Monofilament Thread: Including How to Set Your Machine

Understanding & Using Monofilament Thread: Including How to Set Your Machine

$16.99 AUD

Monofilament thread!

Monofilament thread is so easy to sew when you know how to set your tensions.

Do you live in FEAR of this thread?

Do you think that your machine doesn’t like it?

Would you "LOVE" to have the Confidence & Understanding, 
to be able to sew and create with this thread?

Well....What are you waiting for.....as now you can!
Within the covers of this 50 page book, are many images and very simple instructions that'll, very easily teach and guide you how to set your machine so that it and you, yourself will love sewing with it.....Now that's a bonus...

I've been using monofilament thread for over 30 years,
and this is the same exact way, that I teach my students how to be able to sew perfectly with Monofilament Thread.

It’s time to relax and bring a smile to your face, 
as you start on a new journey of creating magnificent pieces with using monofilament thread!.....So don't wait any longer....

Check out the video below.

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