Daisy Trapunto Class Pack 1

Daisy Trapunto Class Pack 1

$18.45 AUD

This is pack 1 for "Daisy Trapunto Class".
It contains the following items:

1- Clover Blue "Thick" Wash Away Marking Pen
1- Superior "Thick / Extra" Water Soluble Thread 200 yds
1- 8" x 8" piece of Polyester Trapunto Wadding 

There are 3 different packages and prices for each class. You may wish to check them all out.
You are also able to purchase these items separate, from within my website if you prefer to.
Below all the class packs, you will also find items that have been cut to size, for example Wadding, Cotton Sateen for backing fabric, etc.

Remember to pop your "No Postage" code into the box at checkout if you would like me to bring your supplies with me to the class to save you paying postage.