How to Make a "Sewing Machine Extension Table" E-Pattern / Book
Rose Lewis

How to Make a "Sewing Machine Extension Table" E-Pattern / Book

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Have you ever wished to have an extension table for your sewing machine that is large and doesn’t cost a fortune?

Of course you have!

Within the covers of this book you’ll find the instructions,
with lots of images included and the pattern sheets for making this very large, but quite light, wooden sewing machine extension table, that my husband designed and made for me many years ago. It’s also very easy to slide on and off from around your machine, for changing of bobbins, etc.

This table measures a huge 59.5 X 89 cms or 23 ½ X 35 ins,
which is absolutely brilliant for sewing all those huge quilts. This is the exact same table that I have used with all my quilts, including those that measure approx 3 mts square.

As all machines are very different in shape and size, the instructions explain to you, how you can easily make this fit your own personal sewing machine, including the height and how to get it to fit smoothly around the bed of “your particular” sewing machine.

It’s simple and easy to make and doesn’t cost much.

The first step to having something you want,
is actually deciding that you want it.

You know that you want one,

And I know that you’ll love it.
Your decision is made!

Do Enjoy


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