Advanced Trapunto On-Line Class - Class Pack 1

Advanced Trapunto On-Line Class - Class Pack 1

$95.00 AUD

My Apologies But
These Class Packs Will NOT Be Available for Approx Another 24 Hrs,
due to the postage not calculating correctly.... Please send me an e-mail if your wanting to purchase & I'll contact you as soon as this has been corrected... My Apologies once again.

This Advanced Trapunto On-Line Class - Class Pack 1 contains 8 items that

are needed within the Advanced Trapunto On-Line Class.

Superior Vanish Extra Thread,    Clover Thick Blue Wash Away marking pen,
Superior Topstitch Asst Needles,   Klasse Duckbill Scissors
Matilda's Own Polyfuse 45cms X 2 mt (Cut Piece)       Pins 15 gms,   
Trapunto Extra Thick Polyester Wadding 1 mt  L X 1.5 mts W
Matilda's Own 100% Cotton wadding 1 mt L X 2.4 mts W

Although you can also purchase these items separately within my website under "Sewing Supplies", these packs here have a discounted price added to them.

You'll find 3 different Class Packs for you to choose from.
You'll just need to click into each of them separately to check them out.

You may even choose one of the smaller packs and then maybe purchase
other needed items separately from my "Sewing Supplies" tab. 

I'm just offering you a choice to make it easy for you,
as ..... Life is meant to be easy!