Clover Water Erasable Marker (Thick)

Clover Water Erasable Marker (Thick)

$6.50 AUD

Clover Blue Water Erasable marking pens are brilliant for marking designs
onto your fabric and quilts.
I "personally" only use these "Thick" ones.

By using the "thick" blue water soluble marking pens,
you'll be able to see your lines easier, the lines seem to stay there much longer and when using these for Trapunto, as I do, then the "thick" blue line also gives you two stitching lines..the inner and the outer of the line.

That's a real bonus when it comes to doing Trapunto.  

I also never have any issues with the removal of these
"blue wash away" line, when I'm ready to remove them from my work.

So with using the right "tools", for the task at hand,
will certainly allow your "Creativity" to flow sooo much easier, and that'll
help you, to achieve better results.

Once again, having the correct "tools" allows your "creativity" 
to easily flow, as your not battling with using a product that doesn't do what you really want it to do.