My course here helps quilters & patchworkers, maybe just like yourself, to learn a very unique but easy & fun way to do thread painting, that'll make your quilts really "pop" & your friends will be totally surprised at your creativeness & your skills.

Because this thread painting is created "totally off" any fabric, which is rather unique, there is no fear of ruining your quilt that you've being lovingly working on for sometime.

This amazing very old, gnarled apple tree, is such a fun project to work with & the technique itself is also "very freeing" to work with. It's not overly structured, which makes it even more fun, particulary if you've never done thread painting.

There are two very different techniques that I teach within this on-line class when it comes to creating the top of the trees.
The main tree has it's leaves & apples, which are fun & easy to do, but the autumn style tree is once again very
different & unique to what we do to create it...
still simple & easy but lots of fun again.
If your a beginner to thread painting you can easily create either of these trees, or if you've been thread painting many times,
you'll find this technique quite different.

Check out this short approx 3 minute video.

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Currently Sold out