Monofilament Thread Aurifil Clear 1000 mts

Monofilament Thread Aurifil Clear 1000 mts

$15.00 AUD

Aurifil Monofilament clear 1000 mts is one of just two monofilament threads
that I personally use within all my quilt work.

Aurifil Monofilament thread is a very fine thread and does not melt under
the iron like many monofilament threads do, nor does it go hard or yellow over time.

I use monofilament thread in great volumes within all my Applique work.

I've been using monofilament thread now for,.. let's just say approx 30 years, and I love & really understand it.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, only use a clear monofilament thread on all your fabrics.

Many shops, etc will advise that you need to use a smoke coloured 
monofilament thread on dark fabrics.

This is not true, as you'll actually be able to see it, where with using clear monofilament thread, you will not.

I write and explain about this, in my paperback book...
"Understanding & Using Monofilament Thread, including how to set your machine".

If you have any fear or apprehensions about using monofilament thread, 
or have been told horror stories about it, or would just like to understand how to set your machine so you'll be able to sew this thread easily, then you may like to check out the above mentioned book Here.

Knowledge is a powerful thing, as once you understand something, then you open a world up to yourself, regardless of what that knowledge is.