Superior Water Soluble Vanish Extra Thread  200 yds

Superior Water Soluble Vanish Extra Thread 200 yds

$9.95 AUD

Superior Water Soluble Thread, Superior Vanish Extra Water Soluble Thread

This Water Soluble Thread or sometimes known as Wash Away Thread
is the same "EXACT" thread that I personally use within my own Trapunto work.

This is made by Superior and is known as Vanish Extra,
as this is a thicker wash away thread than most.

With using this particular thread being thicker,
will make it much easier for you when doing Trapunto, as it doesn't normally dissolve in your hands while working with it, if it's a hot day and your hands are a bit moist, it also doesn't generally give any issues to you with tensions etc while sewing.

Sometimes while teaching trapunto classes,
I see students having issues with some of the other threads, so I give them one of these, they pop it in their machines and they generally don't have any more issues.

It's so easy to work with.
Vanish Extra 
Water Soluble Thread