Demonstrations, Speaking Events, Guest Artist, Shop and Classes

As well as teaching Classes for guilds and groups of friends, I also do Demonstrations and Speaking Events as well as being YOUR Guest Artist at your next show.

To find out more about these please read on.


When I do Demonstrations, these are where I demonstrate various techniques and everyone gets to sit, watch, learn and ask as many questions as they choose to.

These techniques are things that cannot be taught within a class where everyone is hands on.
They are about some of the other areas within quilting, for example How to Block a Quilt, or How I choose and work my fabrics to get the effects that I do, etc, etc...
I do several different packages within this area and these can be tweaked a little to suit each Guild or Groups of Friends.

I demonstrate 4 different techniques here, lasting for approx 2 hours.

This demonstration consists of four smaller demonstrations than the one above and lasts for approx 1 1/4 to 1½ hours.

This demonstration consists of two techniques and lasts for approx 1 hour.

These demonstrations are very popular. To find out more about these and to receive an information booklet then please e-mail me at


Once again, I have several different packages that I do within this area as well.

I can do just a Speaking Event...Speaking Event A
Speaking event with one Demonstration added into it as well....Speaking Event B
For those wishing to have something more complex... there is my Speaking Event C

To find out more about these and to receive an information booklet then please e-mail me at



I am also able to be your GUEST ARTIST at your next quilt show, where I will spend the one full day or the two days depending on if your show is a one or two day show.
During this time there, I will have with me two of my almost 3 mts quilts that have been up in the running for “Best of Australia”.
I would normally do two or three talks throughout the day relating to these quilts and other things.
I can also bring my machine and be working on a project throughout the day, in between speaking and liaising with visitors, so visitors are able to stop, chat, watch and ask questions.
For more information on this please contact me at



I am also able to be one of your “SHOPS” at your next QUILT-IN or Quilt Function.
For more information please contact me at



You don’t have to be a guild to have me come and teach classes.
I can come to your venue and teach your group of friends.

Do check out my "CLASSES" page.

To find out more about having me come to you please contact me at