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This is a little quilt that was made as a Challenge Quilt for Waverley Patchworkers.

The rules for this little quilt was that you could only use Red, white and just a touch of black. The size requirements for this piece was 9 inches by 12 inches.

As I have a love for the 1940’s era, it was an instant thought of just what I would do.
So out came the paper and pencil and I drew up this little design.
The fabric that I used for the dress, was a fabric that contained nothing but roses, which gave many lines and shadings within the red.

The bottom half of the dress has 14 pieces to it, each individually made and created separately using my particular technique that I always use within my #Applique.
The tiny little shoes are made up of three separate pieces where I used tweezers to help create them.
As the arms and neck needed to be a skin colour, I created this by using the SAME red as in the quilt but placed it under a piece of voile, which then lightened it up to a flesh colour.

I intensively used #Trapunto throughout this quilt as is usual for me, which can easily be seen here in the cobble stones, but this is not the only place I have used it, it is within the lady, dress, and the light post.

This little quilt has won me  equal FIRST “Viewers Choice” at the Waverley  Quilt Show.
There were 74 quilts within this challenge, so I was delighted to win this very prestigious award.

To find out how I do this Trapunto work, then just check out my E-Books.





 This quilt is of our front garden.

I took many photos of the garden during spring, so I would be able to use them for exact color match, design and reference.
I started this quilt by doing the picket fence and gate first, then the cobble stones, next came the building of the lower flower garden on each side of the arch.
Within this lower garden there are Irises, Hellabors, Freesias, Campunalas, Canterbury Bells,and other smaller flowers.
After I had finished stitching the hellabors together, I suddenly discovered that my tension had been out, so I set in and undid EVERY piece that made up each of these flowers, and set in to restitch them together.

After quite a time, I was ready to start on the arch.
I had made 170 Roses, 90 Clematis flowers, then there were 230 Rose leaves and 280 Clematis leaves, and I was approx 60 leaves short as I set in to make another 60.
Some of my Clematis flowers, have so many little pieces, I found I was using tweezers quite often to be able to work the small pieces of fabric.
There a a few flowers that actually have 51 pieces to their name.
All my applique has the edges turned under, there is NO “raw edge applique” within this quilt, but much to peoples surprise, it is ALL sewn on the machine.
Because I had many layers of fabric over lapping each other, in some places there were up to 10 layers of fabric, this was mainly in the lower garden with the big long stems and leaves of the Irises.
I set in then to cut away all excess layers of fabric from the back of the quilt.


I then added the sashings and outer border, added the applique here, then drew on the designs that I wanted to “Trapunto”.
Added the outer sashings
Next I set in and attached all the wadding for the “Trapunto”.
Cut this away, then pinned quilt with approx 4,000 safety pins to hold all layers together.
Then came the quilting that brings a quilt to life.
Added the bindings, and there it is.

WOW, doesn’t that make it all sound so very easy.
People are always asking me what type of machine I use?
All my work is done on a “DOMESTIC sewing machine”.
It can be rather difficult to get a quilt of this size and thickness under the needle, but you get used to how to manage it.
I do remember thinking on many occasions though, “The next quilt will be smaller and thinner”.
The quilt I have planned to make next, will still be rather large.

Another question that I am often asked
“How long did it take”?
Sadly, this quilt took a very long time to do, as I had three unrelated separate situations where I was unable to touch or work on this quilt for six months at a time.
It was called “Life”.
When I finished the final sewing it was three years since I had first started this quilt, but it was in fact eighteen months from start to finish, but during this time, I also worked outside the house.
This quilt just kept on going and always being there, it did take a long time and remember, I only work on one quilt at a time.
It has not been a very productive few years when we are talking about quilts.
Never mind, that is the journey of life.


The images on the page here, will give you a reasonable look at the depth of work that has actually gone into this particular quilt.

If you look at the above image, you will be able to see where there is a blue wren on the left and a Jenny wren on the right of the top of the arch.
These birds are nestled into the leaves at the very top of the arch.

You can often go out in the early spring and fine wrens sitting here in the top.
On saying this we normally have more Wrens in our back garden that the front.

We have many of these Birch trees that frame the outside of the quilt within our garden.
If you look very closely at the top image on the left, you will see a garden fork leaning against the “Trapuntoed” fence.

I am unable to show you everything that is within this quilt, but many of these photos will certainly give you a reasonable insight to the complexity of the quilt.

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This quilt “Feather Delight 2” is the second quilt of this design that I have made.
I used a different wadding within this quilt and also a Gold metallic Aurafil thread.
The thread enhanced the quilt and allowed there to be more focus on the actual design.
The pattern for this quilt was something that I drew up over the course of a week-end.

Once again, I love to work with fabrics that are within the cream family.
It will always enhance any ‘Trapunto”work.

I really enjoyed quilting this quilt.
It is not often that I do smaller quilts, so it was really nice.





This quilt, “THE LAST ONE”, was made as a Singer Challenge, run by Victorian Quilters.

The idea behind it, was that it was to be something that the year 2010 represented to you.

The quilt was to be 75cm X50cm.
As we had six children, and I had had children within the school system for approx. 25 years,  2010 was to be the last year of Secondary School, ever.

This did not included any tertiary study that they may or may not have undertaken.

I set about finding photos of all the kids, about the same age, and used many techniques throughout the quilt, including “Applique”, “Trapunto”, “Thread stitching”, and “Swarovski Crystals”. This quilt unexpectedly  created many challenges, and this is actually the second top that I made. I added above each of the portraits using “Trapunto” the year that they each finished school, with Claire’s been the big 2010.

 Claire has her own framing, as this quilt was all about her finishing school. This quilt went on to travel around Australia during 2010 as part of the singer challenge.

I do all my work on a domestic sewing machine, and although it looks like needleturn, it is actually done by machine.




This quilt  was something that just grew around me.
I normally just need to get an idea in my head, and then it can just grow. I don’t need to draw it up much, and although this is a very basic way of doing a pattern, my quilts will normally turn out as I originally imagined it.

I bought approx 80% of my material for this quilt on the one day,…. in the one shop,…. over a course of 6 hours……… Lucky for me they also serve the most delicious food as well.


The shop is called The Patchwork Teahouse and it’s in Warburton in Victoria, Australia.
Marilyn and I still laugh about that day, and she has also used the story of that day, in  many of her stories.
I distinctly remember Marilyn asking, “Where’s the picture or design that you are making”. She looked at me a little blankly when I calmly said, “In my head”……
This quilt took me 2 years and 8 months to complete, but I didn’t work on it full time, as I worked as well during this time. The size of this quilt is 260cm x 260cm or 102 inches square. It also weighs 7 kgs


and I used approx 4,000 pins to baste it together ready for quilting on my domestic sewing machine.


This quilt has won me many awards, including a”BEST OF SHOW” in 2011, in Tasmania, and it has a total of 12 ribbons to it’s name.

There have been images and stories of this quilt published in magazines like Patchwork & Quilting, Newspapers, Guild magazines, I have been interviewed and it went to air by Channel 7 & Winn News both in Tasmania. The Quilt show with Alex and Ricky, have it on a video blog as part of the Sydney Quilt Show, as well as a, live to air interview, that I did with ABC Country Radio. This was a highlight for me.



This quilt is one that most people like to keep looking at, as there are many bluewrens, butterflies, dragonflies, etc all created with either “Applique” or “Trapunto”.


You will be able to read more about this “Brilliant” quilt on my“Who is Rose”page.

This quilt has never made it onto our bed, although only a couple of weeks ago I actually put it on each morning and took it off each night for approx a week. I must admit, it did look nice on the bed and gave the room a completely different look.

The photos certainly don’t do the quilt the justice it deserves, and because of the colour of the quilt, it is quite hard to photograph. It is actually a Lemon/cream Shadowplay fabric that I used. Although it doesn’t photograph well, it is a really good colour for showing off the “Brilliant” “Trapunto” designs and “quilting” that is throughout the entire quilt.




“Butterflies ‘N’ Blooms” Copyright to Rose Lewis & Esther Aliu


This quilt “Butterflies ‘N’ Blooms” is a quilt that I made in one of the very few classes that I have ever done. This was done with Esther Aliu, who is a very talented, beautiful  lady,  and on the day of the class, I had run out of time to paint, which was actually good as when I started this at home I found I spent a lot more time in blending my colours, I also chose to paint some material to use for the sashing and binding. I once again couldn’t do a quilt without using Trapunto through it. I used a double layer of polyester wadding in this quilt for the Trapunto, which as usual I always trapunto everything, so this has Trapunto under the painted flowers and leaves as well. I added Butterflies to the design. The back image shows out nicely here. The copyright of the original stencil on the table runner belongs to Esther Aliu, but I then added butterflies and trapunto and finished it off with extra sashings. .


This quilt was made as a “Challenge Quilt” 11″x 7″ for Waverley Patchworkers in 2008. It was awarded 3rd place for Viewers Choice, and was one of 70 quilts in the challenge. I used Shadow Trapunto in this quilt and you are able to see the frame of green around the two ladies, who I have also added Trapunto under to make the ladies stand out.




This is the Winnie the Pooh quilt that my youngest daughter decided that she would prefer, instead of the quilt that I had spent almost a year making. I spoke about this on my “Who Is Rose” page.






This quilt I made as a surprise, for my eldest daughter’s 20th birthday. I heavily pin my quilts together ready for quilting. I just finished pinning this quilt together, only to discover to my horror, that when I had layered the quilt, the backing was inside out. I had the wrong side of the material facing outward. My second daughter quickly came to the rescue and helped me take all the pins back out, so to be able to start this pinning process once again.  It is all part of the journey or so they say!



This is the quilt that I spoke about on the “Who Is Rose” page.   It did spend a couple of years on the bed before it was replaced with the very much loved Winnie the Pooh quilt.





The Lounge Quilt

This quilt is just one of those quilts that has always been around.

It is the only quilt that I have ever used a pattern for.


This quilt was made  in 1997. I just decided I would make a new quilt for my bed, and as I had never worked with a pattern, I just bought some material that worked together and


thought, “What would I do with it”. I liked the design of the Ohio Rose and thought, ” I will do something with that”. This was when I first started to use the technique for Applique that I now use and specialise in. Decided to set it on point, then played around for a design for the border.

Although there have been quilts in between some of these, some have just been used and worn out or given away..
So now we will jump down to my very first two quilts that I made.


The 2nd quilt that I ever made  was made for my second daughter, but I cannot find a photo of this. It had fans made of many shades of pinks and I hand cut approx 400 pieces just for the fans, by hand, in those days.


This was my very first quilt that I made back in 1984, for my eldest daughter, who was 3


years old at the time. Patchwork was very new in our area in Australia at that time. There was no such things as patterns. We were told that we would be making a quilt with alternate blocks of pieced and appliqued squares, with strips in between, and to find some pictures from colouring books. It was all very generic, and work it out as you went type of thing. We did all manage to make a quilt.