Who Is Rose



Hi, I'm Rose Lewis and I am an Award winning Quilt/Textile artist, Writer, Teacher and a Designer.

Within my classes I instruct and guide my students within certain techniques to enhance their quilting life and personal journey.

I help students explore and develop their inner talents and passions that have been hidden within them, often unknown to them.
I instill an awareness and awaken them into a new way of looking at what they are creating.
I bring with me a huge amount of contiguous enthusiasm.

I have been in the running for “Best of Australia”, twice now.

I live Drouin,which is a little country town 100 kms out of Melbourne, Victoria,  in Australia.


I specialise in “Applique”, “Trapunto”, and “Designing”, although I do encompass many aspects of “Quilting”.
Although my applique looks like needle turn, the sewing is all done by machine. I make most of my pieces before I attach them to the quilt for the final sewing



As my quilts are often very intricate, and I make these for exhibition, it can take quite a long time for me to create each individual quilt, sometimes two to three years, as I also run this quilting business.

If you keep reading through this page you will learn something about who I am, what type of sewing I like to do, what I am offering within this site and other things that make me, “Who I am”.

As time goes by, you will learn more  and more about who I am, but you will discover very quickly that I am  a homebody, who likes to cook, garden and of course sew.


I am wanting to take your hand here and guide you through many aspects of quilting and patchwork, including “Trapunto”, “Applique”, “Sewing Tips”, “Techniques”, “Products”, and many other aspects.
Over time, I will give you free tips, techniques and videos on my site, as well as, do classes for those wanting something more personal, have digital patterns and techniques, that you are able to purchase online to start straight away.

Follow with me, and over time, we will create a beautiful journey and friendships together, after all that is what patchwork and quilting is all about….CREATING.

Now it doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or have been sewing for many years, there is something here for everyone, as this is what this site is all about……giving to like minded people, just like yourself. ♥

I have been sewing for most of my life, for many years it was clothes, but I started patchwork in 1983.
In this time slot, patchwork products were very limited and basic in Australia. I remember I had to use a sheet for the backing of my first quilt. Back then, I only sewed patchwork if I had a need for it, like a new cover for a bed or cushions needed, as clothes was my main focus back then.

I then actually had many years where I didn’t do any patchwork at all, as my first husband had died suddenly, I was pregnant with our fourth child, (Claire) and so, I had 4 very young children to look after.

Life was very hectic during this time, so although I spent many hours sewing, it was mostly clothes for my beautiful children.

I remarried 8 years later, and life was still rather hectic, and I now also  had 2 beautiful step daughters as well, although they did live with their mother.
Somewhere here my journey with quilting restarted.
You will find a quilt with all these six beautiful children on it, on my “Gallery” page, called “The Last One”, and yes you will see that there is just the one boy, (Adam,), the other five are of course, all girls.

I did a lovely pieced quilt for my youngest daughter, who was around 8 by then.

Five inch individually  pieced and appliqued squares, took forever,.… but… she decided that she would rather have one with “Winnie the Pooh” characters appliqued on it instead, which she roughly drew on a piece of scrap paper, what she wanted, so then I set to and put it together.
Her original quilt was put in a cupboard (sigh…), and although she has long since left home, her
“Winnie the Pooh” quilt is still on her bed today at the time of writing this, for the times when she does come home. You can check these 2 quilts  out on my “Gallery” page.

About this time we decided to renovate the house, knock out a couple of walls, etc as most of the kids had left home by now. Of course the house then needed to be repainted, so I set in and started to repaint the whole of the inside of our house a different colour…, working as well……
So of course, you will all know just what this meant,….“A NEW QUILT”
This was really the start of my new journey with what I now do.


This quilt, “A Caterpillars Dream” has won me many awards, which you can check out on my “Awards” page .

A Caterpillars Dream
Copyright to Rose Lewis

I design all my own quilts, but I tend not to draw up most of my quilts, as I rather picture what I am going to do in my head, and just let things flow as I make them. If a quilt has some very perspective parts to the design, then these parts I will draw, but the rest is left to total freedom of what is pictured in my head.
This is why I love the particular type of “Applique Technique” that I use, as it gives me total freedom that allows the quilt to tell me just what it wants.

On first inspection, most people think that I have done “Needle Turn Applique”, which of course I haven’t.
I will discuss this “Applique Technique” in further detail at a later time, within this site.

The finished quilt is normally just as I had always pictured it, in my head, at the start.

A Caterpillars Dream
Copyright to Rose Lewis

“Trapunto” is a huge favorite of mine and I can’t seem to do a quilt without “Trapunto” being a major part of it. As you can see by the photo here that I love to add many features throughout my quilts with trapunto work.

If you look at the below picture, and the surrounding images on the outside of the pages,this is actually the back of the quilt, where you are able to see the extensive amount of trapunto that I use with in my quilts.

I do openly admit, that I do have an addiction to “Trapunto”.
The backs of my quilts, look like whole cloth quilts because of the amount and level of my “Trapunto” and “Quilting”.

“A Caterpillars Dream”
Copyright to Rose Lewis

It is my aim to be able to help and guide you through many facets of what I choose to do.
The techniques that I use are often very simple, it is just that I choose to take it to extreme levels.
It can often take me a long time to turn out a quilt like this, even though all the sewing is done by machine.

I also love drawing and designing. I have many plans for things within this area, in the future

As well as sewing, I have always enjoyed gardening, growing our vegies, etc, and of course cooking has always been a big part of my life, whether it be main meals, biscuits, cakes, pastries, desserts, or more into the preserving side of things like sauces, jams, preserving fruits, making stock, etc.

We also have our own chooks, which my husband shows, so of course I always have plenty of nice free range eggs on hand.
So from time to time you will  find the odd recipes also dropped here on my site.

Feel welcome to check out my Classes, Demonstrations and Speaking and Guest Artist area.

I hope this page gives you some insight to just who I am, but if you choose to follow along with me on this blog, you will in time, get to know me more like a friend.
And please if you choose to leave a comment any time, please keep it very positive, pleasant, and wonderfully nice, as I would like this blog to make you feel like you are entering in through my front door as a friend, to have a cuppa and a chat with.
So together this will be a “Brilliant” place to join me.

Hoping you are having an absolutely brilliant day