100 Inspirational Tips to help you on "YOUR" Quilting Journey

100 Inspirational Tips to help you on "YOUR" Quilting Journey

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100 simple but powerful informative tips to help you on your creative journey

I'm here to bring and share with you "very simply", lots of knowledge 
and inspiration to help and guide you on the road to learning many simple tricks, to allow you to gain so much more confidence, knowledge & inspiration within your personal quilting journey. 

Some examples of what you'll find within the pages of this brilliant book....

When I have a thread that I really want to use on my quilt, 
but it's just one of those very difficult threads to work with, then there's something that I use, that can then turn that difficult thread into an absolute "Angel".

Little tricks like why do I place something on my safety pins 

before I pin them into my quilt?

Why do I always know that when I've finished my quilt, 
I'll be at least 110% happy with the finished result?

How do I easily achieve lots of life and dimensions to my quilts?

How do I easily bring so much light and life into my quilts?

How do I so easily fix an accidental cut within my fabric
when doing trapunto that the judges will never see?

All the 100 tips that are written within the covers of this book, 
are so “very simple" but so "very powerful" in the results that they'll bring to your beautiful masterpiece that you are working on. The knowledge you will gain is invaluable.

It doesn’t matter if your masterpiece is for your beloved child,
an exhibition, for the dogs bed, or a gift to someone you dearly love, I'm very positive that you'll certainly gain knowledge and inspiration from within the covers of this book to help you on "YOUR"  beautiful quilting journey.

I always say....”Knowledge is a very powerful thing”.
Now it doesn’t matter how big or small that knowledge is, it’s about having the knowledge when you suddenly need to know that knowledge, or using that knowledge to improve your skills.

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