100 Inspirational Tips to help you on "YOUR" Quilting Journey e-book

100 Inspirational Tips to help you on "YOUR" Quilting Journey e-book

Are You Ready, To Easily Learn
Many of 
The Secrets & Tips 
Of The Big Name Quilters
Of course you are

This book is for all those “beautiful people” who love
doing Patchwork, Quilting and Sewing. 

Rose has very cleverly and generously complied together 100 of her brilliant quilting & patchwork tips that she is very well known and appreciated for.

These “Inspirational Quilting tips” will give you lots of insights,
knowledge, confidence, even some of those Ah-ha moments, but most of all they will give you lots of Inspiration for you to use within your own personal creative sewing, patchwork and quilting journey.

Rose has been sewing since a young teenager,
and made her first quilt in 1983, and has won many awards for her quilts, which at the time of writing this, has also seen her in the running for Best of Australia twice.

Rose has taught and spoken in many places and destinations
within Australia, and has also been offered to teach on cruise ships.

Rose has also been writing about quilting and patchwork
for several years now and for a time, she also had a regular page within a prominent UK quilting magazine as well as writing some special feature articles for them. Rose and her quilts have also been featured in many magazines over the last few years.

Some of these Inspirational quilting tips are long, some are short, many are medium and several are very, very long.  So often it is the little things that can make the biggest difference to what we do. You will feel like Rose is actually sitting right beside you, like a long time friend, helping and guiding you ... Do enjoy


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This book is also available in a Paperback book containing 204 pages.

The ISBN for the Paperback is 9780995404502

 E-pub E-book Version  ISBN 9780995404519