Down in the Apple Orchard Thread Painting

Down in the Apple Orchard Thread Painting

$54.99 AUD

Want to Thread Paint?
Not sure how?

What if you mess up your fabric?

Not the way I do thread painting, you wont!

My technique is unique to me, I developed it.

Create your thread painting OFF your fabric,
Attach it later…

But Wait… There’s a Trick to doing this correctly
so you don’t finish with a matted ball of thread.

It’s simple, it’s easy, but it’s the knowing “How” that makes the difference.
Once you know how, you can use it on all your thread painting.

Click here for more info on this very unique on-line thread painting course,
where you create it off the fabric & attach it later.

Be inspired, be creative!

For more amazing info on this unique course, click here!