Quilting & Patchwork A4 Template

Quilting & Patchwork A4 Template

$10.95 AUD

This A4 clear perspex template is brilliant for cutting sheets of printable stabilizers and freezer papers to run through your computer.

By using this A4 clear, see through, template for cutting stabilizers etc into
A4 size, you can purchase rolls of papers, stabilizers, etc and cut these into sheets using this A4 template and your cutting wheel.

You'll save considerably on the cost of your products as by purchasing your
products by the roll, it's far cheaper than purchasing sheet sizes.

All you need to do is to fold your papers & stabilizers into approx 3 or 4 layers,
place onto your cutting board, and then using your rotary cutter, run this around the outside of the A4 template and then you'll have your A4 sheets ready to go through your printer etc.

As with using any template, and rotary cutter, always use care and watch
your fingers.