Basic Trapunto On-Line Course

Basic Trapunto On-Line Course

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Fluttering Hearts of Elegance Trapunto on-line course

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to create and do Trapunto within your quilts? 

Do you know what Trapunto is?

Trapunto is where you add extra trapunto wadding within an area of your quilt, that'll then bring different dimensions & movement to your quilt work, and it's so much simpler than you may have imagined. You just need to know how, that's all!

Maybe you feel a little stress as to...
"Will I be able to learn this? Is it too hard for me to learn?" 

Don't concern about those fears, it really is soooo much easier to do than you may have ever imagined.

I've been creating Trapunto within all my quilts for many many years now and have won many awards for my quilts during this time, including being up for "Best of Australia" several times.

I gently teach you how you can easily achieve brilliant Trapunto within your quilts. I do NOT cut into the back of my quilts, as was the old fashioned way, nor do I "poke" wadding into areas.

The way that I do Trapunto, is sooo much easier, simpler and a better finish than the above old fashioned way.

You'll gain the confidence & love for this absolutely brilliant technique, and best of all, it's much easier than you may have ever imagined.