Cotton Sateen 3 mts wide X 1 mt length Cream

Cotton Sateen 3 mts wide X 1 mt length Cream

$39.99 AUD

Cotton Sateen fabric is beautiful to use as a backing for your quilts, especially
when you've created your quilt with using Trapunto.

The Cotton Sateen helps the Trapunto to really show itself in all it's beautiful glory, and it's so incredibly easy& beautiful  to work with. 

Of course you don't need to have used Trapunto on your quilts to achieve a majestic look to the back of your quilts with using Cotton Sateen.

I "personally" like to give it a bit of a spray with something like "Crisp" fabric spray first, as the fabric is so soft & luxurious, it just gives it, a little more "firmness" for the initial basting of the layers together.

Cotton Sateen is what I use on the backing of 99% of all my quilts, whether
it be large 3 mt exhibition quilts or small A4 size sample pieces for classes etc etc.

It's 3 mts wide so this fabric goes along way, depending on the width of your particular quilts.