Fabric Selector Tools On-Line Course

Fabric Selector Tools On-Line Course

$21.99 AUD

When you go into a fabric store,
do you struggle sometimes finding "Just the Right"  fabrics for your project?

Do you struggle a little
to get your quilts to have more dynamics and that "WOW" factor.

Would you like, to just be able to
"make your fabrics work better for you"?

Or maybe you are just wondering,
what these things here are that have a hole in the middle of them?

You may be totally surprised.

Have a watch of this short 5 min video,

as I 'm positive, it'll give you all, lots of inspiration.
Then below the video, you'll find a little more information about these "Fabric Selector Tools".


I've been using these Brilliant "Little Tools" for many many years now, 
and they really help me to achieve the amazing dynamics, dimensions and results that I get within all my quilts.

I'm more than positive that you'll also LOVE them once you know 
just what you do with them, which is why I've created an online 90 min class/information video on these, that also includes a pattern sheet to use with your new found information.

This is a really easy class, where you don't need to do much,
as most of it's, "just watching, listening and learning" how to use these Brilliant little "Fabric Selector Tools".

This has so much value to it, as you can see, the cost is quite small 
for the "Two Fabric Selector Tools", 4 videos totaling 90 mins of watching, a booklet and a pattern sheet for you to practice your new found way of working with your fabrics. 

Once purchased, and just a little time after, like almost instantly, you'll receive an e-mail from "SendOwl", the digitizing company I use.
Within that e-mail there'll be a long blue link. 
This is the link you need to click to download your Booklet and 4 class videos that run for 90 mins in total.

Do be aware though, Not to use an i-pad or similar to download to, as most videos etc do not download to I-pads etc as they are not made for that. So please use your laptop/desktop.

Your actual "Fabric Selector Tools" will then be placed in the mail for you.

The postage is quite small for the"Fabric Selector Tools", and they'll be
sent in an envelope, just like a letter, so there'll be no tracking included with them.

Some people like to purchase a "second set" or a "replacement" set
of the Fabric Selector Tools, and they can be purchased separately HERE.
Do be aware though that you do need to do this on-line class to know how to actually use these. 

If these are purchased the same time as this class, then it won't cost you
any extra for the postage as they just go in the same envelope, so that's a bonus.

For those within Australia, 
depending on where you live allow approx a week to ten days for these.
(I'm just out of Melbourne).

For those International,
approx 10 days but do allow up to approx 3 weeks.

The time to receive these is out of my control
once it has left my hands here.

If you can't find the e-mail from "SendOwl", for downloading your on-line class, then Please do check your Junk Folder, as it may have gone there. 

Once downloaded, do remember to save these into your computer
for future watching.

Have a beautiful day