"Feathers in a Circle" Quilting & Trapunto Patterns

"Feathers in a Circle" Quilting & Trapunto Patterns

$6.00 AUD

Quilting & Trapunto single pattern sheets and designs.

This is an absolutely brilliant design that you can use within

either your Trapunto or Quilting....Whatever you choose. It has impact and when used with Trapunto like here, it has lots of dimensions.

There are no instructions with this pattern,
it's solely a pattern sheet, just like what you’d see within a book, etc.
The images show both the front and the reverse of the design. 

This comes on an A4 pattern sheet for easy printing, 
but you're able to enlarge or reduce to your required size. 
I printed the pattern sheet to A3 for sewing this piece.

If you want to use this with Trapunto, 
then you really need to know how to do Trapunto. 
If you don't know how to do Trapunto, then please click here to check out my on-line classes.

By buying these individual pattern sheets you get to choose exactly 
the pattern that you’re wanting at the time, without needing to buy a whole book.
This is very cost effective for you.

Once purchased you'll receive an e-mail from my digitizing company,"SendOwl", where you'll find a long blue link.
Just click on that link and it'll download straight into your computer, save it, then print it out.

Ready to use within possibly less time than you could make & drink a coffee.
If you don't see it straight away, then do check your junk folder.